Easy Puffy Paint Recipe for Home

Quick Puffy Paint Recipe

I’ve written about our 3 ingredient puffy paint before, but I wanted to share yesterday’s results with you because they’re so awesome!  I also figured there were probably a few of you who haven’t seen this stuff before, and you totally need to know how cool this process is, and how EASY it is to do.

homemade 3 ingredient puffy paint (happy hooligans)

This puffy paint is really easy to make (I’m including the link to the recipe at the bottom of this post), and the transformation that takes place when you microwave it is sure to impress kids and adults alike.   homemade puffy paint

The paint is the consistency of stirred yogurt, and we use Q-tips to blob it onto a piece of white cardboard or sturdy cardstock.  I say “blob”, because you want to apply a thick, layer to your paper to get the best results.
microwave puffy paint

It looks something like this when it’s wet.


After 30 seconds in the microwave, thanks to the self-rising flour, you get this beautiful, puffed up art!


Aren’t the results beautiful?3 ingredient puff paint

Art and Science all rolled into one activity!  Gotta love it!

Puffy paint recipe:

Get the recipe for my 3 ingredient puffy paint here.

3 ingredient puffy paint (happy hooligans)


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