DIY Napkin Rings: an Easter Craft for Kids

These DIY Napkin rings are going to look great on your Easter table!  All you need to make these pretty Easter Napkin Rings are some cardboard tubes and some creativity!  I say creativity because this is cool art project for kids too!

Have you ever looked at a piece of Eric Carle art, and wondered how he does it?

eric carle inspired DIY Napkin Rings for easter

After seeing Dilly Dali Art’s recent post about Eric Carle, I was inspired to make napkin rings for Easter, using papers that I created to look like Eric Carle’s artwork.

wax paper painted in Eric Carle fashion

How to make Eric Carle style DIY napkin rings:

Instead of using tissue paper, like Mr. Carle does, I used wax paper.  I actually made did the painting on the weekend.  The hooligans weren’t here, and I wanted to experiment with the process on my own.  Sometimes I like to do a little crafting all by myself. :)

For my painting tools, I used brushes, sponges, an expired credit card, and plastic vegetable netting.

I used acrylic craft paint for this project.  For each sheet of wax paper, I used several shades of paint belonging to the same colour family.  I simply layered the colours on, scraping, sponging and blending as I added each colour.

Aren’t they gorgeous?eric carle inspired art  on waxed paper

I was so excited by how they turned out, and how much they really look like the pictures in Eric Carle’s books!

I wasn’t really sure what we would make with them, so after brainstorming for a day or two, I came up with homemade Easter napkin rings!

How to make a cardboard roll DIY Napkin Ring:

For the napkin rings, I simply cut a paper towels rolls into small rings, and painted those with acrylics in Easter colours.making eric carle napkin rings with cardboard rolls

After cutting the “Easter eggs” out of the painted papers, I glued them onto some white cardboard, and then cut those out.  To finish, I glued the eggs to the paper towel rings.

Won’t these look sweet on the table on Easter Sunday?

green and yellow napkins in pretty DIY napkin rings

What do you think?  Will you make some Easter napkin rings for your holiday table this year?

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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