Bubble Blowing Activity – Building Bubble Towers

Need an activity to keep your kids busy and entertained when you have to tend to the baby or to prepare lunch? Try this bubble blowing activity! Your kids will love building big, fluffy bubble towers, and you’ll love how quick and easy the activity is to set up and set up and clean up!

Is there a kid out there who doesn’t love bubbles? Whether the hooligans are blowing gigantic bubbles in the backyard or just messing around with a soapy water activity, they’re in their glory.  Bubbles are fun and fascinating, and always keep the kids happily.  Easy, inexpensive entertainment – gotta love it.

Bubble Blowing Activity - Building Bubble Towers - Happy Hooligans

To set up your bubble blowing activity, you’ll need:

Kids blowing bubbles with a straw

For your bubble blowing activity, you’ll need:

  • cups or glasses (choose plastic if glass concerns you)
  • water
  • drinking straws
  • a few drops of liquid soap
  • shallow pan to contain bubble over-flows

kids playing with soap bubbles toddlers playing with bubbles

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, simply put a small amount of water in each cup and add a few drops of dish soap.

Set the cups in your shallow pan, and hand out the drinking straws!

Before you begin, remind your children that they need to blow OUT and not suck IN, or they’ll wind up with a mouthful of soapy water.  You can have your children practice this first, if need be, by blowing through the straw to move a tissue or pompom across the floor or table top.  Of course, if you think your child is too young to grasp the concept of blowing out through the straw, this activity is best left until he or she is a little older.

Now that everyone’s clear on the blowing process, have ‘em stick those straws in their cups, and BLOW!

And of course, this is where the fun begins.  First of all, the sound of all that gurgling and bubbling happening in the cups sounds great. Then of course, there are the bubbles!  It’s so cool to watch how quickly they grow and expand, spilling over the edges of the cup.  The more you blow, the bigger and higher the pile of bubbles becomes.  We call them bubble towers.  They’re pretty cool.  They wobble and jiggle, and if you can get them tall enough, they eventually tip over.  It’s fun to see who can blow the biggest bubble tower.

It’s fun too, to stick your fingers into the tower of bubbles to discover how wonderfully light and airy they are!

The last time I set the hooligans up with this bubble activity, they were at it for about a half an hour.  I wonder how long your kids will stay with it for?  If you’re looking for away to extend the bubble blowing activity, have a look at this post to see how you can create coloured art with your bubbles!


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Magformers Review – The Magnetic Building Toy that Kids Just Love

Magformers: fun, educational, magnetic building shapes that are perfect for home, daycare, preschool or the classroom.

Magformers Magnetic Building Toy for KidsFor your convenience this post contains affiliate links.

Several months ago, we had the great pleasure of receiving this 62-piece Building Construction Set from the lovely folks at Magformers.

Have you heard of Magformers?  Oh my goodness.  I cannot say enough about them.  They’re colourful, sturdy, plastic shapes that you build with.  Squares, triangles, pentagons etc.; you can get all sorts of shapes and sizes, but here’s the best part: they’re MAGNETIC.  Hold ‘em close to each other and “click!”; they snap together allowing you to build all kinds of fabulous structures with them.

I suspected that we were going to love them because my Facebook followers always rave about them. Many teachers say that Magformers are the most popular toy in the classroom, and lots of parents claim that if they could keep only one toy for their child, it would be their magnetic blocks.   You can imagine how excited I was when I found out we’d be getting a set of our own.  I couldn’t wait to try them out to see what all the fuss was about.

Guess what.  Magformers are every bit as awesome as everyone said they would be.

We love them! They’re really durable, totally fun and educational, and the magnetic quality is top-notch!  These things really “stick” and the building possibilities are endless!

Let me show you some of the fun we had with them on the day they arrived:

Gosh, is there anything more exciting than the UPS guy ringing the doorbell when you’re expecting a gift?  It’s like waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.  The girls were practically busting by the time our packaged arrived.  They had no idea what was inside, but I’d told them we were expecting a special surprise just for them.

Toddlers opening a box of Magformers

The ooohs and aaahs filled the room as they tore into the box.  At first, they weren’t quite sure what they were looking at, but they were intrigued by the shapes and colours. Quite honestly, I was just as excited as they were.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those shapes.

Toddler playing with Magformers

Look at the colours!  Aren’t they gorgeous?

Straight out of the box, the shapes were all perfectly stacked together, so we set about separating them.  I was immediately impressed by the strength of the magnets.  So were the hooligans. It’s almost magical the way the shapes snap and click together.

You may be familiar with other magnetic tiles and building blocks.  I haven’t tried other brands, but many of my followers have, and a lot of them say that Magformers are right on par with similar magnetic tile sets as far as quality goes.  The bonus is that Magformers are less expensive than some.

With the blocks separated, the girls started exploring them horizontally, laying them out and creating flat designs on the tabletop.building horizontally with magformersThey’re so easy for little hands to use.  They snap together beautifully, and the magnets always attract.  You simply hold two shapes close together and they connect instantly the moment they touch.

Playing with these shapes encourages critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and it gets children thinking scientifically and mathematically all while exploring their creative side.

building with squares and triangles

There’s a great opportunity for children to learn new vocabulary here too as you discuss triangles, prisms, pentagons and cubes.

It didn’t take long for the hooligans to discover that they could make 3-dimentional structures as well.   This is where the fun really begins.

toddlers building with magformers

It was so neat watching the kids discover what they could make by putting different combinations of shapes together: snap a bunch of squares together and you get a cube.  Top that with 4 small triangles, and you have house.

toddler building a 3 dimensional structure with Magformers

They loved how they were able to un-hinge one side of a shape to create a swinging doors or window that would open and close.

We built some really cool 3-dimentional structures:  rockets, pyramids, stars, a soccer ball, and all kinds of  wild and wacky creations.

We even made some hanging structures.
hanging magformer structure


What makes Magformers so unique?

Magformers use rare neodymium magnets – the strongest magnets in the world.  This is why Magformers are more expensive than a regular magnetic toy.  These magnets float freely in the plastic they’re encased in. The magnets can actually rotate so they always connect.  This is great because you never have the frustration of the magnets repelling each other.

stacking with magformers

You can get more shapes too!

Magformers are available in 14 geometric shapes, 9 colours and 65 total components.

There are currently 31 sets available as well as a Magformers Math Activity Book.  There are FIVE brand new themed sets for 2014!

I can see why Magformers are so well-loved by kids, parents and educators, and why they’ve won many awards. In 2007 they received the Openheim Toy Porfolio Platinum Award and were awarded the BEST TOY FOR KIDS award two years in a row as well.  No surprise.  They really are fabulous.

The hooligans play with our Magformers every day here in my daycare. From the toddlers right up to my own teenagers; everyone loves them.

I love an open-ended toy like this because of the opportunity it provides for a child to really use his or her imagination.


If you’re looking for a terrific toy to buy for a child for Christmas or a birthday, Magformers are a big winner in my book.  And if you’re a teacher or a carer thinking of splurging on a new special item for your classroom or daycare, I would highly recommend getting a set or two. They’ll provide countless hours of enjoyment and learning.

Click on the images below to see these individual sets:


Or click here to see the entire Magformer collection.


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Fizz, Pop, Bang! Playful Science and Math Activities for ages 3-8

FIZZ, POP, BANG! Playful Science and Math Activities brings hands-on fun and enjoyment to math and science!

An e-book filled with inviting and engaging, hands-on learning activities to make math and science fun for kids!

Fizz Pop Bang Playful Math and Science Activities ebook

What’s Fizz, Pop, Bang! all about?

20 creative bloggers, 40 hands-on learning activities, and BONUS links to dozens of inspiring ideas for you to do with your children!


Playful math and science activities

Jam packed with awesome, hands-on learning activities:

Designed with children ages 3 to 8 in mind, my latest e-book is packed with strong learning opportunities in math and science, shared through ideas that incorporate art, play, sensory learning and discovery, for a whole-brain approach.

Super ideas for home-school, the classroom, summer camp or fun weekend projects at home.

Want a sneak peek?  Check it out:



Now available for download for 9.99!

Fizz, Pop, Bang!  Playful Science and Math Activities for 3-8 Year Olds

 What you’ll find in the book:

  • 40 fabulous activities including games, play activities, recipes, science experiments and free printables.
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Fizz P

Printable resources include:

  • magnet maze
  • monster match and sort game
  • print and build 3D solid blocks
  • rocket math game
  • tracing shapes
  • fact family dominoes
  • catch and count fish game
  • and engineering challenge cards
  • and many more…

Balloon Science for Kids


All in one terrific place, right at your fingertips!  Doesn’t that all sound super?


math with perler beads

What’s the price for this terrific resource?

Just $9.99!

homemade periscope

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20+ FROZEN Activities & Recipes {for Anna and Elsa Fans}

20-plus Frozen activities, recipes, science experiments and printables that Elsa and Anna fans will love!

What do you do when you have 4 Frozen-obsessed little girls in your daycare?  You think up as many frosty, frozen, icy-themed activities as you can to keep them happy, busy and learning. I had a lot fun coming up with our Anna and Elsa inspired activities, and each one was a hit with the kids.  I’ve rounded them all up here for you, along with a few others that I’ve come across in my internet travels. All in all, this collection contains over 20 Frozen activities and recipes for you to enjoy with your little Anna and Elsa fans! Have fun!

20 Frozen Activities and recipes for kids

Happy Hooligans’ Frozen Activities:

* Each title is a click-able link which will take you to the activity instructions or recipe.

  Melting Elsa's Frozen Hands Activity

Melting Elsa’s Frozen Hands – a salt and ice experiment



Frozen Fractals Soup – Ice and Water Play



Frozen Sensory Bin 



Frozen Clean Mud – a “frozen” twist of our traditional clean mud recipe


Frozen Fractals Ice Sculptures

Frozen Fractals Ice Sculptures – building with coloured ice cubes


Other Frozen Activities and Recipes from around the web:

Frozen Recipes:


Blue Rock Candy  – Do It and How



Blue Velvet Cupcakes – Pint Sized Treasures



Frozen Jello Ice Cubes – Bubbly Nature Creations



Frozen Party Punch – Comfy in the Kitchen


Frozen Sensory & Science Activities:



Frozen Play Dough – The Imagination Tree



Frozen Silly Putty – Paging Fun Moms



Frozen Erupting Snow – Paging Fun Moms



Frozen Vinegar Science Activity - Inspiration Laboratories


Creative Frozen Play Ideas:



Frozen Paint - Growing A Jewelled Rose



Frozen Story Stones – Red Ted Art


Frozen Discovery Bottles:



Frozen Chill Bottle - LalyMom



Frozen Olaf Snowstorm Bottle – 30 Minute Crafts


Frozen Printables:



Frozen Printable Activities & Colouring Pages – Mom Endeavours



Frozen Craft Puppets – Red Ted Art

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30+ Fairy Crafts and Activities for Kids

If you have a child at your house who loves fairies, I think you’ll love these activities!  I’ve rounded up 30+ Fairy crafts and activities from my own blog and from those of some of my favourite fellow-bloggers.  Fairy crafts, fairy recipes, fairy art ideas and fairy sensory bins and party ideas, even a fairy bath!   This is your one-stop-shop for all things “fairies”!

30+ Fairy Crafts and Activities

Fairies!  Oh my!  So magical and enchanting!  So elusive and intriguing!  Were you as smitten with fairies as I was as a child?  As kids, we hunted for pixies in the garden and nearby wooded areas.  I wished at dusk, to catch glimpse of Tinkerbell flitting about my yard. And at night, I’d imagine a team of sprites sprinkling fairy-dust over my bed as I drifted off to sleep.

Garden Fairies come at dawn,

bless the flowers, then they’re gone.

~ Unknown


30+ Fairy Crafts and Activities that Kids will love!

Click on the following links to see the detailed instructions or recipes.


fairy mud

2-ingredient Fairy Mud – an amazing sensory experience with 2 simple ingredients.


fairy soup

Fairy soup is a wonderful way for children to explore in the garden while enjoying water-play and strengthening their fine-motor skills.


fairy garden

Build a fairy garden for your neighbourhood fairies to cozy up in at night. – Tinkerlab


clothes peg fairies and fairy art

Clothes Peg Fairy Doll – Wildflower Ramblings.

Flower Fairies : garden for toddlers – Childhood 101.


winter pinecone fairy

Winter Pinecone Fairies: an adorable winter ornament – Life with Moore Babies


3 fairy wands for kids to make

Beaded magic fairy wand and an edible fruit wand too! – Nurturestore

Twirling Ribbon Sticks – Happy Hooligans

Melted Bead Fairy Wands – The Artful Parent


Music for fairies to dance to

Music for Fairies to Dance to – Kids Play Music.


fairy houses for kids to make

Paper fairy house – Nurturestore.

Milk Carton Fairy Home  – Coffee Cups and Crayons

Tea-Cup Fairy House – The Fairy and the Frog

Fairy Door – Danya Banya

fairy house made of twigs

Build a twig fairy home at the park for others to discover as they play. – Kitchen Counter Chronicles


Fairy Bells, Acorn Toadstools, Nature Fairy House

Fairy Bells to entice fairies to enter your garden.  – Buzzmills

Acorn Toadstools for weary fairies to rest upon – Twig and Toadstool

Natural Fairy House with items found on a nature walk. – My Nearest and Dearest


Fairy Sensory Bins


Fairy Playdough Activity with beads and treasures. – The Imagination Tree

Glittery Garden Fairy Playdough – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Writing in Fairy Dust. – The Imagination Tree

Playdough Fairy Cookies  – The Pleasantest Thing

Fairies and Flowers Sensory Bin – The Imagination Tree


faire tu-tu, fairy taira, fairy wings


No-Sew Fairy Tutu – The Imagination Tree

Paper Bag Fairy Tiara – Happy Hooligans

Cereal Box Fairy Wings – Red Ted Art


fairy bread and fairy sprinkle sticks

Fairy Bread – Smart School House

Sprinkle Sticks – Picklebums


rainbow science fairy party cover

Mama Pea Pod throws a Rainbow Science Fairy Party and shares lots of fun fairy science experiments for kids!

fairy birthday party ideas

The Imagination Tree shares fairy games, treats and activities from her 3-year old’s “Enchanted Garden” Birthday Party.


fairy lights and fairy jar

Egg carton blossom lights – Red Ted Art

Glow-stick fairy jar – A Moment in our World


tissue paper fairy lights

Tissue Paper Fairy Lights – Red Ted Art


fairy lights in a jar

Simple Fairy Light Jars  – Sweet C’s Designs


woodland fairy bath

And at the end of a fun, fairy-filled day what child wouldn’t love to a relaxing soak in this Woodland Fairy Bath?


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20 Science Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

20 Terrific science-based activities for home, preschool or the classroom.  Easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers, but fascinating enough for kids of all ages!

I’ve been sharing a lot of simple science experiments for kids on my facebook page lately, and the response from you guys has been terrific!  Wow!  You really love your science, don’t you?  Well guess what!  I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of my favourite science activities for toddlers and preschoolers for you.  Pin this post, or bookmark it, and you’ll have it handy any time you need a fun and easy science-based activity to do with your kids!


15+ Easy Science Activities for toddlers and preschoolers


20 Science Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers


colour laboratory

Set up a colour laboratory with water, bubbles and an assortment of containers and fine motor instruments.  It’s a great way for kids to explore liquids, colour and colour mixing.



Watch a bar of Ivory soap expand to 6 times its size in a minute and a half!


water displacement activity - happy hooligans

A few rocks, a jar and a small toy animal are fun for teaching kids about water displacement.


salt glue and watercolour experiment

Kids can practice spelling their name or simply create stunning pictures with this salt, glue and watercolour experiment.



Watch and learn how salt helps to melt ice in the following FANTASTIC activities!  (Bonus:  They’ll all keep your kids busy for a good, long time too)



Giant Homemade Bubbles Science Activity

Kids AND adults will absolutely love blowing these GIANT homemade bubbles!  They really are the best bubbles EVER!


grapes to raisins experiment

Watch a the slow process of a grape turning into a raisin.  You’ll require a little patience, but it really is cool!


3 ingredient puffy paint

Puffy Painting:  Kids can watch their paintings go from flat to fluffy in a matter of seconds in the microwave.


Ocean in a bottle

Observe how oil and water behave together with an Ocean in a Bottle.  Your finished bottle will have a wonderfully mesmerizing and calming effect too.  Never a bad thing!



crayon resist cards

Through this beautiful, artistic process, kids can see how crayon wax and water resist each other.


homemade watercolour paints fb

Watch baking soda and vinegar react while you mix up a batch of homemade water colour disks. 



How to make homemade butter in a jar

Kids of all ages will get a kick out of making their own butter with nothing more than jar full of cream.



paper towel art

Learn about water absorption and colour blending with these simple experiments:



colouring daisies with food colouring

And lastly,  there’s this classic science experiment.  Dyeing flowers with water and food colouring.  I haven’t a post to go along with this photo of mine, so I’ll send you over to  Twig and Toadstool to see how they recently coloured a bouquet of rainbow daisies.

Check out these cool and creative activities for kids!

20+ Frozen-inspired activities, crafts, recipes and printables

25 Easy Art Techniques for Toddlers and Preschoolers

15 Homemade Paint Recipes for Kids

25 Water Play Activities

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3-5 Playful Preschool 3-book


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Toddler-Safe Cloud Dough Recipe (No Baby Oil)

There’s no doubt about it, our regular 2 ingredient cloud dough is amazing for sensory play.

Recently however, we figured out how to colour our Cloud Dough, and even more recently, we tweaked that coloured cloud dough recipe to make it toddler-safe.  This is great news because I often hear from parents who are concerned about their toddler playing with something that contains Baby Oil.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!  The ingredients in this cloud dough are completely non-toxic and taste-safe.

Toddler-safe Cloud Dough recipe - no baby oil

Yay!  Now, even the youngest hooligans can safely play with cloud dough now!

Get our toddler-safe cloud dough recipe here:

Head on over to Kids Activities Blog to get our Toddler-Safe Cloud Dough Recipe!

Get the 3-5 Playful Preschool e-Book!

25+preschool activities by 25 bloggers, 10 printables, 50 links to activities not featured in the book all for $8.99!

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3-5 Playful Preschool 3-book


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Painted Cardboard Name Puzzle

Here’s a fun way to help your child  learn to spell his name?  It’s an easy, colourful homemade name puzzle made with painted cardboard cut-outs!

I’ve made a variety of homemade name puzzles over the years for the children in my home daycare.  A name puzzle is a great way to help your child with letter recognition and to help him learn to spell his name.


cardboard cut-out name puzzle


I especially love cutting the letters for a name puzzle out of colourful,l textured paper.  Children learn best when their senses are engaged, so puzzle pieces that are bright and colourful and lovely to the touch not only add interest, they actually enhance the learning process.


toddlers doing homemade name puzzle


In the past, I’ve used wall paper samples and scrap-book paper to make our name puzzles, but today we’re re-using some simple materials that were headed for the recycling bin:  a liner from a box of chocolates, and a thin piece of corrugated cardboard.

To make a Cardboard Cut-Out Name Puzzle, I used:


painted letters cut out of corrugated cardboard

  • a crinkly, slightly puffy liner from a box  of chocolates.
  • thin, white piece of  corrugated cardboard
  • acrylic paints
  • paintbrush
  • scissors

How to make your name puzzle:

First off, put a quick coat of paint on your textured cardboard.

Then you’ll need some upper and lower case letter templates.

Print those off, and cut them out.

Trace the letters on to your textured material, and cut those out as well.

Once you’ve cut your letters our, you can chop each one into two or three pieces.


cardboard letters chopped up


That’s all there is to it!

Now just hand those puzzle pieces over to your child!


scissors and letters cut out for name puzzle


Explain to your child that each letter is in pieces, and he or she can piece the letters back together, and put them in order to spell his or her name.

toddlers doing homemade name puzzle


For toddlers just learning their letters, you may not cut the letters up at all.  You may just let them play with the letters while learning to put them in the correct order.

For preschoolers, you may want to write their name out for them so they can use it to refer to as a guide until they become familiar with the shapes of their puzzle pieces.

What a fun way to explore letters and learn to spell your name!

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3-5 Playful Preschool 3-book


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Three to Five Playful Preschool e-Book

Three to Five Playful Preschool!  An e-Book filled with gorgeous photos, printables and step-by-step instructions for creative, hands-on, play-based activities for kids aged 3-5!

Download Playful Preschool e-book

 I am SO excited to finally be able to share Three to Five Playful Preschool, a terrific e-Book I’ve been working on with 24 other fabulously talented kid-bloggers from all over the globe!


Jam-packed with fun and learning!

We’ve put together a beautiful e-Book jam-packed with creative activities for the 3-5 age group.


Fun, engaging and inexpensive ideas…

All of our activities are engaging, inspiring, and filled with fun, skill-building opportunities for your child.  Best of all, all the activities can be done at little to no expense with simple materials you likely already have around the house!

three to five playful preschool ebook

In Three to Five Playful Preschool, you’ll find:

  • 25+ fun-filled, engaging activities ranging from science and language to art, crafts and play ideas
  • Gorgeous photos and easy-to-follow guides
  • 50+ clickable links to additional activities by the authors
  • 10 free printables
  • countless, creative ways for your child to play, develop and learn

10 free preschool printables

Your printable resources include:

  • City Scape Play Scene
  • My First Journal pages,
  • recipe card,
  • numbers game
  • weather charts
  • unique hand-drawn art pages
  • conversation cards
  • block building challenge cards
  • bookmarks
  • alphabet play mats

Doesn’t that sound awesome?  You know what?  It looks awesome too!   I received my copy yesterday!


What’s the price for this terrific resource?

Believe it or not, it’s just $8.99!

Prices are in U.S. funds, but the book can be ordered from anywhere in the world, and PayPal will take care of the currency conversion.

Get your copy of Three to Five Playful Preschool today!





You can buy 3-5 Playful Preschool now, on any device, and download the ebook when you are ready. Depending you operating system and apps, you may be able to download on your mobile device. If however, you have any doubts or problems, I recommend using a computer to download the book and then share it to your mobile devices.”

Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment

Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment:  “Wow” kids and grown-ups alike with a quick and easy science experiment that you can do at home.

We do the expanding Ivory Soap experiment a couple of times a year here in my daycare, and it never fails to impress and excite us.  It’s one of our favourite quick and easy science activities, but the process and the results are nothing short of awesome!  This is an experiment that never gets old, no matter how many times we do it.

Today, I’m going to show you how you can do the Ivory experiment at your house or in your classroom, and at the end of the post, I’ll suggest a few ways to use your soapy results.

You’ll need 3 things to conduct the Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment:

Bar of Ivory Soap ready for the microwave

  • bar of ivory soap (do not try this with any other brand of soap)
  • microwaveable dinner plate
  • microwave 

Getting started:

Before you begin, you can take a few minutes to let the children examine the soap.  Use descriptive words as you take turns holding it, feeling it and smelling it.  If you have an extra bar of Ivory, you could drop the spare bar into a bowl of water to see how it floats.  I just wouldn’t wet the bar that you’re putting in the microwave.  I’m not sure how that would affect the experiment.

Conducting your Ivory Soap Experiment:

  1. Place your Ivory on a microwaveable plate
  2. Put your soap in the microwave
  3. Run microwave on high for 1-2 minutes.  Today I set my microwave for 1:20.  You can’t really over-cook it, but it will reach a point where it stops expanding.

You’ll want to pull up a chair or stool for your child to stand on so they can watch what happens to the soap in the microwave.  This part of the process is fascinating!

Ivory Soap expanding in microwave

The soap will start to rapidly expand at about the 15 second mark.  To see it rolling, writhing and expanding as if it were alive is really exciting!

When your microwave stops, remove the soap and examine it.

kids examining expanded ivory soap

Doesn’t your kitchen smell amazing?  Don’t worry, that smell should leave your microwave quickly, and it will not affect the flavour of any cooking you do.

microwaved Ivory Soap

Caution!  The plate and soap will be quite hot for a minute or so after being removed from the microwave.  They cool down quickly but give the soap a few minutes before letting your children handle it.

Examining your fluffy Ivory soap cloud:

Once your soap has cooled, it’s time to have some fun!  Let your children investigate how the soap has changed.

crumbling microwaved ivory soap with our hands

Today, I placed ours in a large baking dish and the girls chopped it all up with pate knives.  They also rubbed it between their hands to crush and crumble it.  This is such an amazing sensory experience.  The soap is so smooth and silky.  It feels lovely, and it smells incredible!

chopping up ivory soap out of the microwave

What can you do with the results of your Ivory Soap experiment?

We usually do this experiment when it’s time to make a new batch of our Homemade Laundry Detergent.  Grab the recipe for my detergent, and your children can help you turn your soap powder into laundry soap.

Our favourite way to use our crumbled soap though, is to use it for sensory play!  We grab a roll of toilet paper and some water and the hooligans whip up a batch of ghost mud or fairy mud.  It’s a mouldable dough that smells wonderful and keeps them entertained for hours.

Today however, we used our soap powder for an entirely new activity, so stay tuned!  I’ll be writing about it soon!

Ivory Soap Experiment

Head over to Steve Spangler Science to find out the science behind the Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment!


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