Toilet Roll Easter Chicks – an Easy Easter Craft for Kids

If you’re looking to make some easy Easter Crafts for Kids, you’ve come to the right place!  We have Easter Finger Puppets, Easter Napkin Rings, and everything in between!

Today, we’re making these adorable Toilet Roll Easter Chicks in nests made of shredded paper.

toilet roll easter chicks

The supply list is short and sweet, and you’ll be using materials that you likely already have around your home.

What you’ll need to make your Toilet Roll Chicks:

  • toilet rolls
  • googly eyes
  • yellow tissue paper (or fabric scraps if you’d rather)
  • yellow paint (2 or 3 shades if you have them)
  • orange foam or paper (beak)
  • shredded brown paper
  • cardboard (cereal box weight)

supplies for toilet roll easter chicks

I was kind of “winging it” (pardon the pun) as we went along, so some of the materials that you see on the tray got swapped out for different things as we went along.  We didn’t end up using the fabric swatches for wings.  Instead, we crumpled yellow tissue paper to give the chicks a “fluffy” appearance. And, the purple foam triangles you see here were swapped out for orange ones.

To make your toilet roll Easter chicks:

I cut the toilet rolls down a bit to make the chicks shorter, and the Hooligans painted them with two shades of yellow paint.child painting toilet roll yellow

When the tubes were dry, they glued on googly eyes and a beak.

Then they crumpled up squares of yellow tissue paper to make wings/feathers. And they stuffed a long, strip of tissue paper into the top of the tube.child holding toilet roll chick

Making our shredded paper nests:

For the nests, we used some shredded brown paper that I a gift came cushioned in while back.  I held on to the paper, knowing we’d put it to good use one day.  If you have a paper shredder you could put some brown construction paper, or a brown paper bag through it.preschooler making paper nest

To make your nest, cut a circle out of the back of a cereal box, and have your child glue the shredded paper to it.  Make a little hole in the center, and tuck your chick in.preschooler putting toilet roll chick in paper nest

Aren’t they cute?set of toilet roll easter chicks in nests

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