Fall Tree Craft – with twigs and tissue paper

Kids can explore Autumn’s colours and textures while making a fall tree craft with tissue paper and twigs!

If you’re looking for fall tree crafts to make with toddlers and preschoolers, you’ll find lots of them among the pages of my blog. We do live in Canada after all, where we’re known for our vibrant fall colours. There’s no shortage of crafting inspiration at this time of year!

Fall tree craft with twigs and tissue paper  - Happy Hooligans

If you’ve been with us a while, you know I’m all about inexpensive and easy crafts for kids.  I love keeping our crafting cost low by using items from nature or around the home or even the recycling bin.

Today, we’re crafting with tissue paper I’ve saved from birthdays and celebrations.  Tissue paper is one of the best materials for kids crafts! Check out our tissue paper apple trees,  hand and tissue paper trees, and our colourful fall wreaths to see what I mean!

The vibrant tissue paper and the twigs in today’s fall tree craft allows kids to explore the colours and textures of the Autumn.

Let’s get started!

To make your twig and tissue paper fall tree craft, you’ll need:

Twigs and tissue paper for a fall tree craft

I placed the tissue paper squares in a plastic bowl so the kids could just reach in and grab whatever colour they wanted.  Keeping them in the bowl also prevented our tissue paper leaves from blowing away.

Make a base for your trees:

Twigs supported in styrofoam and a basket of tissue paper

So the twigs would stand up while we worked on them, I pushed them into a sheet of styrofoam.  You could stand them in a jar, but they’d be fine just laying on the table.

Attaching your tissue paper leaves:

The hooligans generously dabbed and coated their trees with glue, and then stuck the colourful tissue “leaves” all over their branches.

child applying glue to twigs with a paintbrush

For very young children, who find a glue bottle too difficult to manage, I often set out small bowls filled with our glue. The children can simply dip a paint brush into the glue and they’re off to the races.

gluing tissue paper onto twigs

Oh yes, we are SO proud of our efforts!

toddler making a fall tree with twigs and tissue paper

Don’t these little trees look lovely?  I just love how vibrant their “leaves” are in the sunlight.

close up of vibrant "leaves" made with tissue paper

These colourfully decorated twigs will add a splash of colour to any table in your home.  You could display them in a vase, or in a jar filled with small sties.  You could even fill a miniature post with soil!  We painted small styrofoam blocks and decorated those with tissue paper.

3 versions of our tissue twig trees

Have you ever seen such an adorable, fall tree?

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