Simple Tissue Paper Snowflake Ornament

Make a simple tissue paper snowflake ornament with a cereal box and tissue paper:

I might just be in love with today’s totally impromptu craft!  We made these simple tissue paper snowflakes today after one of the hooligans’ parents surprised us with a very large bag full of of tissue paper earlier this morning..  It was late in the afternoon, and close to home time, but hey, when someone hands you somethin’ like that, you just gotta get crafty.

Plus, the hooligans were so excited about this bag of tissue paper, you’d have thought we’d been given a sack full of new toys.  They couldn’t wait to get their hands on it, so we whipped up a few of these little pretties.

You’re going to love how easy these snowflakes are to make.   All you need are a few narrow strips of cardboard (think cereal box), and some white tissue paper.

simple tissue paper snowflakes cover photo


For each snowflake, I cut 3 strips of cardboard approx. 1/2 wide by 8 inches long, and I hot-glued them together in snowflake fashion.

supplies for simple tissue pape snowflakes

Then I cut a couple of sheets of the tissue paper into 4×4 inch squares.  The hooligans brushed a coat of white glue onto their cardboard, and then crumpled up the squares of tissue paper, and stuck them all over their snowflakes.

Aren’t these snowflakes so simple but so pretty?  I think they would look just adorable taped to or hanging in a window!

3 simple tissue snowflakes




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  1. chelle says

    These are cute and I think I just stole this idea for my son’s preschool tomorrow. It’s parents day and I going in to read a book..I had planned to create a snow scene with marble painting to go with my snowflake book but when I told the teacher she didn’t seem super excited about messy marble painting (???huh?? I think I need to re-evaluate my son’s preschool, this is just 1 of a couple reasons)…so this is perfect!! I have these suplies, it’s simple and very cute! Thank you for sharing!

    • happyhooligans says

      Sorry to hear about your preschool situation, Chelle, but I’m glad that I could help. Have fun with this one. :)

    • happyhooligans says

      Thanks, Peggy! Just popped over to your blog to see if you had any news, and YOU DO! Congratulations! Hope you’re all doing well, and enjoying this special time. x

      • says

        thank you! I’m just starting to enjoy the baby. I’ve been through so much physical and emotional issues and damage since birth, that I wasn’t able to enjoy anything. :/ would have never thought that this could happen to me, but it did. But I’m glad the issues are starting to dissolve. I will be writing about it more on the weekend. then you’ll see what I’m talking about. xxx

      • happyhooligans says

        I sensed that you’d had a difficult time. I’m so glad you’re on the mend. I must remember to pop by to read about your experience. I’m so sorry it’s been such a difficult time for you. Sending you wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery. x

  2. says

    Jacki, These snowflakes are so adorable and I love how easy they were to make. Impromptu is the best, especially when inspired by free materials!

    • happyhooligans says

      So true, Tammy. Sometimes the unplanned crafts turn out better than the ones you spend hours thinking about and planning for. lol

  3. Sandy says

    I don’t know if anyone said this already, but I would glue two together – back to back. Then it would be beautiful from all sides.

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