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These pretend paint pallets take a bit of time to prepare, but they were really fun to make, and your little ones will love playing with them.
pretend paint pallet - happy hooligans

I was inspired to make these last weekend, when I was looking an old set of kids’ watercolours that we have.  The paints came in a black plastic pallet which is now pretty much empty, and I was thinking that if I cleaned the pallet right out and washed it up, it would make for some fun pretend-painting.pretend paint pallet for imaginary play

Then I had a “lightbulb moment”, and decided it might be better to make several pretend paint pallets so the Hooligans could paint together, each holding their own pallet.acrylic paints and cardboard for pretend paint pallet

I traced the plastic pallet onto some medium weight cardboard, and then used the bottom of a small spice jar to trace 8 circles on each pallet.painting the garden with pretend paint pallets pretend play with cardboard paint pallets

With acrylic craft paint, I filled in the circles.  Now, you could use markers for this too, but I wanted our pretend paint to look like oil paint, so I actually went with some old, thick and goopy colours that I knew were pretty much ready for the trash.  I plopped the paint into the circles and swirled it around, using a paint brush to muck it around and “lift” the paint up a bit to give it a puffy look.imaginary play in the yard with pretend paint palletusing pretend paint pallet to paint the trees

Then I set the pallets out on the deck for the afternoon to dry in the sun.  Today, I presented them to the Hooligans.  painting toys with pretend paint pallets

I think you can probably tell by the pictures that they were a pretty big hit. :)


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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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