Potato Heads in the Snow

Looking for new snowman ideas?  How about a family of Mr. Potato Head snowmen

The sun was really strong this morning, turning the snow too soft and slushy to really build anything big with it.  The hooligans were asking for a snowman though, so I brainstormed for a minute to see if I could come up with and new snowman ideas that might work with the weather we were having.  I’m happy to say that I found one that worked VERY well!  Potato Heads in the snow!

This is actually a great alternative to building a big snowman.  It’s perfect for when the weather’s not co-operating, or if you’re just looking for a fun activity that your kids can do in the snow.

potato heads in the snow

You could even fill a basin with snow and it would be a great indoor snow activity for those days when it’s too cold to get outside.

Mr. Potato Head's eyes on a snowball

On this day, our snow was too wet to make anything larger than the snowballs you see here, but you can bet we’ll be trying this snowman idea on a larger scale when the temperatures are cooler.

 Mr. Potato Head on a snowball.

What an easy way to make a snowman face if you don’t have buttons and a carrot handy!


building potato heads in the snowplaying with potato heads in the snowHow cute are these?Unique snowman ideas: 3 potato heads in the snow

I love that this combines two favourite kids’ activities into one.  Building Snowmen and Mr. Potato Heads.  Gotta love putting a new spin on an old favourite.

make potato heads in the snow

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coloured ice in the snow

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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