Painting Fall Colours with Golf Balls

Toddlers and preschoolers explore fall colours with this jumpy, bouncy, energetic art technique!

We’re getting right into the fall crafts these days..Today we were painting fall colours with golf balls!   I’ve seen so many posts that have kids painting with marbles in a cardboard box, and I’ve wanted to try it here for a while.  We don’t have any marbles, but we have a huge bucket of golf balls, and I’ve heard they work well too.

Do they ever!!  This was one of the best art/paint activities we’ve ever done.  I love that it’s easy enough for even the youngest ones to have complete control over.

We talked about Autumn, and how the leaves change colour, and we agreed that orange, red, yellow and brown were the best colours to use for this project.

supplies for painting fall colours with golf balls

Painting with golf balls:

We put a piece of white cardboard (you can use any kind of paper, or card-stock.  We just happen to have a lot of white cardboard) into the bottom of a cardboard box.  Then we dribbled Tempra Paint onto the white cardboard (this was the only part of the activity that I participated in, simply because I wanted to control the amount of paint that went into the box – you don’t need a lot.

The Hooligans tossed the golf balls in, and then had a great time tipping and tilting and jiggling that box while the golf balls did their thing.  making a painted fall collage with golf balls

The results were truly beautiful.  What was really neat, was because the golf balls don’t get right up to the edge of the box, you’re left with a kind of “border” around the art.

If you haven’t tried this activity, you really must.  It is so simple, and the kids will have a blast.  I think these are pretty enough to frame, and hang in your child’s room.

**Update**  Since making these little numbers, we’ve pulled the golf-balls out for painting several times.  Each time, the process is just as much fun as in the past, and I swear, the projects just keep getting prettier and prettier!  Have a look for yourself.  We used golf balls to make spider webs at Hallowe’en, candy-canes at Christmas, and my very favourite were our egg garlands at Easter.

Happy Painting!!

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