6 Ways to Make Homemade Stamps for Kids

6 ways to make a set of custom homemade stamps for your kids, using common house-hold items!

Does your child love stamping?  Most kids do!  There’s something so fun about dipping a stamp in a puddle of paint, or pounding a stamp back and forth between stamp pad and paper, making marks all over a page!  The hooligans love this activity!  And because I love to make homemade toys for the hooligans, I thought it would be fun to make them a set of homemade stamps using random household items.  They work great, the kids love them, and they can be customized to match the likes and interest of your child!

Here are 6 ways to make homemade stamps using things you can find around the house.  All you need is a glue gun to pull it all together!


a variety of homemade stamps for kids using household items - happy hooligans

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Making homemade stamps:

Have a look around your cupboards, drawers and craft from for items that would make a good stamper.  Choose objects that will be easy for your child to grip.  Your object will need to have a flat surface(s) to glue a foam shape onto.

Wine cork stamps: 

We have a bucket full of corks, that we use for, fine motor, dropping and sorting activities.  A cork on its own makes a great stamper. We’ve used them before to stamp polka-dots onto our crafts, simply by dipping them in paint.  This is how they turned out when I glued some foam pieces onto them.  Aren’t they pretty?

homemade stamps from wine corks and craft foam flowers

Homemade Stamps with Bottle Lids: 

I have a container of bottle tops that we use for art projects and for play with our homemade light box.  A foam shape glued to a bottle cap makes a great stamp.

homemade stamps with bottle tops and craft foam shapes - happy hooligans

Homemade stamps made with stones: 

There are lots of ways to use stones for play.  They make great stampers too!

Make a stamp with a wood block:

Wooden blocks make excellent stampers, as they’re easy for little hands to grip, and you can glue your foam pieces to more than one side.  I put a foam piece on each end of this wooden block.

Turn a spool into a stamp:

Another favourite among the hooligans for stacking, sorting and lacing, a plastic spool makes a good stamper on its own, or with a foam piece glued to the end.

rock, spool and wooden block homemade stamps

Styrofoam blocks make great stamps: 

I keep a large stash of styrofoam hand here because it’s super for constructing with.  Check out the styrofoam structures that the hooligans made last year using golf tees and craft sticks!  A small block of styrofoam makes an awesome homemade stamp, and again, you can glue foam shapes to all sides.

styrofoam block and foam pieces for homemade stamps

For stamping, you can use an actual stamp pad, but we also like to use our paint dabbers.  Just swipe the paint dabber across the foam shape, and you’re go to go!

Looking for more homemade stamp ideas?  Try this easy, no-glue flower stamp made from a handful of wine corks!

Happy Homemade Stamping!

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  1. says

    Oh my! Thes homemade stampers are absolutely beautiful! So perfect for summer and of course this idea is great for kids as well. I’m sure my kids’ gonna love making this. Thanks for sharing this fantastic post!

  2. says

    Love! We also cut shapes from sponges and glue them on to make slightly bigger stamps. You can pour paint on to a paper towel and make a stamp pad too!

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