10 Christmas in July Crafts for Kids

10 simple Christmas in July Crafts

If you celebrate Christmas in July, you’ll love these simple “Christmas in July crafts”. All of these ornaments are made

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Cardboard Gingerbread House

cardboard gingerbread house

Decorate a Cardboard Gingerbread House with craft and fabric scraps…


I actually had this Cardboard Gingerbread House activity

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Homemade Wrapping Paper


Homemade wrapping paper: colourful gift wrap for kids to make…

Looking to make some unique homemade wrapping paper with

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White Clay Dough Ornaments

2 ingredient clay-dough ornaments


White Clay Dough Ornaments made with baking soda, cornstarch and water…

We’ve made white clay dough ornaments before

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No Sew Sock Puppets

no-sew Christmas sock puppets


No Sew Sock Puppets: simple homemade Christmas hand puppets in under 10 minutes!

One morning last week, I

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Painted Christmas Ornaments


Pour painted Christmas ornaments: an easy way to paint clear glass or plastic balls…

A dozen years ago or

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Styrofoam Button Ornaments

Styrofoam button tree ornaments

Styrofoam Button Ornaments – an easy, last minute Christmas craft for kids to make…

Oh my goodness!

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Bird Seashell Ornaments


Bird seashell ornaments. An easy Christmas nature craft for kids…

The hooligans and I have made some pretty cute Christmas

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Tissue Paper Mosaic Ornaments



Tissue Paper Mosaic Christmas Ornaments – a fine motor Christmas craft for kids to make…


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Tissue Paper Wreath Ornaments


Tissue paper wreath ornaments: a fine-motor Christmas craft for toddlers and preschoolers…

These colourful tissue paper wreath ornaments are

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Happy Hooligans for kids crafts and activities from toddlers to preschoolers

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