White Clay Dough Ornaments

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2 ingredient white clay dough ornaments


White Clay Dough Ornaments made with baking soda, cornstarch and water…

We’ve made white clay dough ornaments before here in my dacyare, but do you think I can find any photos so share with you?  It was before I started blogging, so I suspect those pics are buried somewhere in the depths of one of my Facebook pages.  Anyway, it’s been a few years, so I figured it was time we did another homemade clay project, and this time we’d share it with you!

Recipe for White Clay Dough:

This particular white clay dough is really easy to make.  It’s The Imagination Tree’s Recipe for White Clay. It takes only two ingredients: baking soda and cornstarch (known as corn flour in the UK). It’s easy to make, and it dries snow-white, making it perfect for these simple tree ornaments.

What to do if your dough is too wet?

If you happen to add a little too much water, as I did (that happens when you’re cooking with 4 kids), simply toss a little extra baking soda on the counter top and knead it into your dough until it feels right.


Tools for making white clay ornaments:

We had an awesome activity set up here last week.  It was a Play Dough Christmas Cookie Decorating Station.  It was a huge hit with the hooligans.  Because the consistency of this clay is very similar to that of play dough, we simply borrowed some tools from our Playdough activity tray, and we grabbed our beads and craft jewels for some bling.

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Making your ornaments:

making white clay dough ornaments for the christmas tree


Roll your dough about 1/4 inch thick, and use a cookie cutter to shape your ornament.  A drinking straw is an easy way to make a hole in a dough ornament.

Use a straw to make a hole in a dough ornament


Decorating your ornaments:

Gently press your beads and jewels into your clay.  Deep enough to embed the bead or gem, but not so hard that it goes through the other side.


cutting and decorating white clay dough ornaments

The younger hooligans enjoyed making “worms” and “balls” before getting down to business.  The older girls however, were all about cutting and decorating.

Drying your clay ornaments:

Transfer your ornaments to a cookie sheet and allow them to dry fully before hanging them on your tree.  You can place them in the oven set on low heat for a couple of hours.  We just leave ours sitting by the fire overnight.

clay dough ornaments transferred to dry on a cookie sheet

When they’re completely dry, add your ribbon or cord, and hang on your Christmas tree!

Pretty aren’t they?

white clay dough ornaments made with baking soda and cornstarch

Other ways to decorate your white clay dough ornaments:

The ornaments we made are very basic.  To jazz them up a bit, you could glitter or paint your ornaments, or press them onto a patterned surface for an embossed effect.

To see ALL of our easy and inexpensive Christmas crafts and activities for kids, be sure to check out my Hooligans Xmas Pinboard!


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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans
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