Water Displacement Activity

A simple but fun activity to teach children about water displacement:

I recently thought it would be fun to do a water displacement activity with the hooligans.water displacement activity - happy hooligans

When I was young, I was fascinated by a fable called The Crow and the Pitcher, a story about a thirsty crow who knew all about water displacement.  He dropped stones into a pitcher half-full of water, to raise the level of the water high enough that he could take a drink.  

We re-created that story using a few items that we had here at home.

Items needed for this water displacement activity:

water displacement activity supplies

  • a clear, plastic container
  • stones and rocks
  • plastic turtle
  • permanent marker

How we conducted our experiment:

We experimented with a few different containers, and discovered that the one with the largest opening worked best.

We filled our container with water, and I marked the level of the water on the container so we could monitor our progress.

.mark the water level on a partly filled container of water

Then I hooked our toy turtle to the top of the container, and the fun began…

The children worked together, dropping the stones into the container.

dropping stones into the container to raise the water level

They were amazed to see how quickly the level of the water rose.
watching the water level rise
water displacement activity  - adding stones to the water
And they grew more and more excited as the water rose higher.
adding larger stones to the container
After using up the small stones, the water still hadn’t reached the top of the container, so we got out our larger beach stones and rocks.
experimenting with different sizes of stones to raise the water level
The medium-sized stones still didn’t do the job completely, so the children removed some of them, and experimented with the largest rocks, moving them this way and that, to get them to fit into the container.
adding the largest rocks to the container
It took lots of thought and co-operation to get it just right, and then finally…  SUCCESS!
the last rock raises the level of the water to the top of the container

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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