Toilet Roll Structures – a Glue Gun Project for Preschoolers

Toilet Roll Structures: Another Glue Gun project for toddlers and preschoolers!

If you’re thinking I’m out of my mind to suggest a glue gun project for young children,  you’re not alone.  I felt the same way until I read Teacher Tom’s article about his frustrations with white glue, and using glue guns in preschool. I went straight out, and bought a couple of low temp glue guns for my daycare.   And guess what, the hooligans have loved every glue gun project we’ve done so far!

teach your child to use a low temp glue gun

3 toilet roll structures made by preschoolers with glue guns

A little tip to prevent burns:

When you’re working with a glue gun, keep a bowl of ice water nearby.  If necessary, you can quickly dip your hand or fingers into the water to cool things off.

The project:

toilet roll structures -  a glue gun project for kidsappy hooligansI started by talking to the little man about how the glue gun worked, and warned him that the tip, and the glue would  be hot.  While it was still cool, he tried holding it and squeezing the trigger.  Then I plugged it in, and I demonstrated gluing a couple of pieces of scrap cardboard together, and I turned the reins over to him.

I cut several cardboard tubes into halves and thirds.  Now, if any of you have a problem with toilet roll tubes being used for crafting purposes, go and grab a tube from a roll of paper-towel or wrapping paper instead.


When I gave the cardboard pieces to the little guy, I told him his job was to glue them together, however he wished.  He worked away, without assistance for quite a while, until he’d used every last tube, and then he declared in a voice rather filled with surprise: ”I made a PYRAMID!

using a low temp glue gun to make structures

You know what, buddy?

You sure did.

toilet roll structure hanging in front of window

I think we need to make a whole bunch of pyramids and hang them from the playroom ceiling.  Coloured pyramids!

 I can’t wait to introduce the rest of the hooligans to the glue guns next week!

Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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