Toilet Roll Peeps – An Easter Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Toilet Roll Peeps and paper bag nests: an easy, upcycled Easter craft for kids! 

Hooray for spring! It’s right around the corner, and so is Easter! We hooligans LOVE our holiday crafts, so you’ll find lots of Easter crafts for kids among the pages of my blog.  

Remember the simple paper bag nests that I shared with you yesterday? Well today we’re making Toilet Roll “Peeps” to put in those nests!

Easy Easter Craft for Kids: Toilet Roll Chicks in Paper Bag Nests

Last year’s toilet roll chicks were the inspiration for today’s craft.  I wanted to make these chicks look a little more like Marshmallow Peeps though, so we’re using some fun pastel colours.  Just look at them!  Aren’t they sweet?

To make our Toilet Roll Peeps, you’ll need:

supplies for toilet roll Peeps

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How we made our cardboard chicks:

To keep the Peeps from becoming multi-coloured, I set out one paint colour at a time, and the hooligans painted their tubes: one purple, one blue and one yellow.

We like to use acrylic craft paint whenever we’re crafting. The colours are vibrant, the coverage is great, the  and they dry quickly. Acrylics won’t wash out of clothing if it dries so be sure the kids cover up with a craft apron when using them.

painting toilet roll tube Peep for an easy Easter Craft

When our paints were dry, we added eyes and beaks, and stuffed a tuft of tissue paper into the top of the toilet roll.

Tip for drying paint quickly: Keep an old hairdryer on hand in the playroom. A blast of warm air dries acrylic paint in a jiffy.

adding eyes and beaks to toilet roll peeps

When your work is done, pop your little guys into their paper bag nests.

Aren’t they sweet?

toilet roll chicks in paper bag nests - an easy easter craft for kids


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  1. says

    I’m obsessed with these! They are beyond adorable and totally look like Peeps! :) I will definitely be doing this with my little someday. Thanks for the idea!!

  2. Jamie says

    We are having a craft-a-palooza the day before Easter for my 4 kids and their 6 cousins (plus all the aunts and uncles!), and this just got added to our event schedule. So cute!

  3. Rachel says

    My gosh, these are TOO CUTE!!!! Sharing on Facebook now… Love them! Thanks for sharing at For the Kids Friday! xoxoxo

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