Toilet Roll Mummies

Toilet roll mummies

Toilet roll mummies are one of our simplest Hallowe’en crafts.  Kids of all ages will enjoy making these adorable, little guys, and you likely already have everything you’ll need on hand in your home.

Gather your supplies:

supplies for toilet roll mummies

  • toilet roll
  • white tissue paper (or crepe paper or medical gauze)
  • white yarn
  • googly eyes
  • glue

The Process:

This is fun and really quite easy.  Even the youngest hooligans can manage with very little assistance.

Begin tearing your tissue paper into long, narrow strips.  Don’t worry if your edges are all ragged and uneven.  That’s perfect!  Don’t fret too much about the width either.  It really doesn’t matter.  Our strips were probably about 2 inches wide.

Next, give your entire toilet roll a thin coating of glue.  Older kids can apply it straight from the bottle, but little ones might prefer brushing it on with a paint brush.

brush your glue all over your toilet roll

Now it’s time to wrap your mummy.  Press an end of a strip of tissue paper into the glue.  Then simply wrap the strip around the toilet roll until you get to the end of the strip.  Press that end into the glue, and wrap a second strip around the tube if necessary.

wrap the strips of tissue paper around your cardboard tube


Lastly, wrap a long length of yarn around the tube several times, and glue the ends in place, and attach the eyes.

toilet roll mummy wrapped tissue paper and yarn


How adorable are these guys?

toilet roll halloween craft mummy

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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