Tin Foil and Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Tin foil and tissue paper Easter Egg Craft – a fun and pretty Easter craft for kids to make!

Of all the Easter crafts we’ve made here in my daycare, this is one of my favourites!  Kids will love making these pretty Easter egg ornaments using tin foil, tissue paper and craft gems!

Tin foil and tissue paper Easter egg craft for kids - Happy Hooligans

To make this Easter egg craft you’ll need:

glue - cardboard egg - tissue paper-craft scraps

  • medium weight cardboard (thicker than a cereal box)
  • tin-foil
  • 1 inch squares of tissue paper in various colours
  • gems, jewels, ribbon, rick-rack etc (or whatever you have on hand) to decorate your egg
  • mod podge (or slightly watered down white glue)
  • glue

Making your egg ornaments:

Cut out your cardboard eggs, and wrap them in tinfoil.  The Hooligans always love that part – wrapping and pressing and scrunching the tin-foil tight to the cardboard.

With a paintbrush, cover the surface of your egg with mod-podge.  You can make your own mod-podge by stirring a couple of drops of water into some white glue.

Press squares of tissue paper onto the mod-podge, using the paintbrush to smooth down the edges.  You can go over the tissue with a layer of mod-podge, but you don’t have to.

When the mod-podge has dried, decorate egg with your jewels, gems and ribbons.

Aren’t they pretty?tin foil and tissue Easter eggs

If you’re looking for more simple, sweet Easter craft ideas to do with your little ones, check out our tissue paper Easter wreaths and our toilet tube chicks!

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