Stained Glass Easter Eggs – An Easter Window Art Craft for Kids

 We are all about easy Easter crafts for kids these days!  Today we’re pairing up contact paper with tissue paper and yarn to make some simple stained glass Easter eggs!

stained glass Easter eggs - cover photo

We’ve only recently discovered the joys of crafting with contact paper here in my daycare.

Contact paper comes on a roll, and can be found at most hardware stores.  You can also order it from Amazon, and you’ll find the link of that further down in this post.  

To make your stained glass Easter eggs, you’ll need:

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supplies for stained glass easter eggs

  •  contact paper
  • tissue paper
  • coloured yarn
  • scotch tape


Let’s make them!

I started by cutting some large ovals out of the contact paper.  Then I peeled the back off the contact paper, and placed these oval “eggs” sticky side up on the table.  I used a couple of pieces of scotch tape to secure each egg to the table so they wouldn’t slip around as the hooligans worked on them.

Then I set out a tray filled with squares and different lengths of tissue paper, as well as some long pieces of colourful yarn.stained glass collage

Then the hooligans got busy completely covering their sticky eggs with the tissue paper and the yarn.

One thing to remember is that the side facing up will actually end up being the back of the egg, so if there are pieces that you want to see (when you hang your egg in a window), you’ll want to stick them down first, and then cover them up with tissue paper.

In the bottom-right shot of the above photo, you can see that the yarn was placed on top of the tissue paper.  I realized that it wouldn’t show up once hung in the window, so I actually took a second piece of contact paper, and covered the top side of the egg as well, so yarn side could be the “good side”.

Once your little one has completely covered their egg, simply trim off any tissue and yarn that extends beyond the contact paper.  2 finished eggs

Then, tape it up in a sunny window, and see how the sunlight comes through the tissue paper, giving it the stained glass effect.

Sadly we haven’t seen much sun lately, but you get the idea…stained glass Easter eggHappy Easter!


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  1. mikichua says

    wonderful idea.. can also make into different shape and decorate the window! wehv sun thro out the yr here in msia :)
    thanks for the idea

  2. says

    I love them! What a great, as usual, idea! I may make some myself! Wonder what my kids will think when they come Easter! Haha. Happy Easter to you and your Hooligans! He is Risen!

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