bringing the snow indoors – a snow sensory bin

snow sensory binWe finally got a decent decent snow-fall Friday, but but by today the temps were mild again, and it was raining.  The snow was disappearing before our eyes, so I decided to make a snow sensory bin, to play with inside, so we could enjoy  the white stuff before it was gone again.

This is such a great way to play in the snow when you can’t get outside.  It’s nice to explore the properties of snow in the comforts of your own home too!  The kids just wouldn’t get to explore it in this way if we were outside, all bundled up, with frozen fingers and toes.  

I put a large vinyl table cloth-down, and filled up a couple of clear storage containers with the white stuff.  

We had a little ice cream shop going on in one bin, and and some snow-man building happening in the other.

Scoops, bowls, and tongs are great for ice-cream play.  The Hooligans decorated their creations with beads and corn kernels.  

Badminton birdies make great ice-cream “cones”, and ice-cube trays are fun for all kinds of creating.

For the snowman bin, some buttons, beads and popsicle sticks worked well.  

Hand out some mittens, and let the fun begin.

They were at it for over an hour, and would have stayed at it longer, but we had to stop for lunch.

Other than a few puddles on the table cloth, it’s a really neat and clean activity.  Just keep a small towel handy, and every once in a while wipe up any melting snow on the table cloth.  Clean up is a snap too.  Just rinse off the tools and dishes, open the door, and toss the snow back outside. :)

What a great way to put in a rainy morning!

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