Playing with Corn

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Playing with corn is one of our favourite fall activities here in my daycare.  The corn cobs from decorative cornstalks can provide your children with hours of sensory play in the fall!  Fine motor skills will be challenged as kids shuck the corn cobs, and all those kernels are great for sensory bins, corn runs and for crafting with as well!

playing with corn We spent a glorious morning yesterday, playing in the leaves.  It was sunny and warm, and felt more like September than November.  It was heavenly.

We raked up a little leaf house, all set with bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room….you get the picture.  

Two of the Hooligans had dragged a very large branch home from the school-bus stop earlier in the morning, and they decided it would make a very good “kitchen counter”.  

So we set about finding random objects to put in the kitchen: dried hydrangea blooms, sticks, stones, hockey pucks etc., and then we thought of THE CORN.  We’ve had corn stalks decorating our front porch for the last month, and I decided it was time to pull the cobs off, and do something with them.

The corn became the most coveted item in the leaf kitchen.  It seemed that at any given time, someone (or more than one) was a piece of corn or two.

First they shucked the corn, which was quite challenging, but they stuck with it, and removed every last husk from every cob.

Then, our youngest Hooligan discovered the joys of removing the kernels from the cob.  Oh, what fun!  Everyone joined in, and that became the project of the day.

They were back at it today, stripping the cobs, kernel by kernel.  Sometimes (I should say OFTEN), I’m amazed by what fascinates these little people, and how something that looks so ordinary to us, can completely captivate them, so much that they race back to it day after day.  Even the “just 2″ year old was as serious about her task as the older ones were.

They weren’t finished by pick up time today, so I can see this continuing on through the week.  I love the little conversations that they have when they’re working together like this.  I love their quiet determination.  And I love that when they’re done, we’re going have a bowl of kernels to use for sensory play and some nifty cobs to use for something or other.  I’m thinking we may try some cob-painting.IMG_3778

Corn cobs.  Got any?  Don’t overlook the play possibilities that they offer!

Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans
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