paper bag puffy hearts

This is a total copy-cat craft.  Melissa from The Chocolate Muffin Tree made these the other day, and I thought they looked super-cute.

Here’s how we made ours:

Last year, I made some homemade stamps for Valentines by carving up some styrofoam blocks, so I pulled those out today, along with another heart stamp that we have.  I offered some paint dabbers as well, as little ones love to use these.

I opened up a few paper bags so the Hooligans could stamp all over them.  I had red paint in one tray and white in another, and I encouraged the kids to mix the colours when they were dipping their stampers.  It made for some really pretty prints.  

I tacked the bags to a door in our craft area until the paint dried (it didn’t take long).

Once dry, I cut 2 large hearts out of each bag and punched holes all around the edges.

Then we used wool to “sew” the 2 hearts together, and left a good size opening at the top to stuff them.  We used shredded paper for this.  I have some parents with paper shredders so I’ve accumulated quite a big bag of it.  This was the first time we’d used it.  It’s awesome stuff for crafts like this.  

Once the hearts were stuffed, we sewed the top closed, and left a good length of wool so the heart can be hung up.

What do you think?

Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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