Shaving Cream Art on a Mirror: Painting Clouds

Shaving Cream Art on a Mirror – painting clouds beneath a blue sky.  Such a beautiful way for kids to enjoy some sensory art and mirror play!

Mirror Play - Cloud Painting - happy hooligans

Okay!  I have another really cool shaving cream art activity for you, and it involves one of my new favourite items for play!  A mirror!    I’ve been dreaming of this one ever since I set up this Sensory Play on a Mirror a couple of weeks ago.  Did you see it?   Quick!  Pop over and check it out, but come right back because you won’t want to miss this one:  today we were painting clouds on a mirror!

Painting clouds on a mirror with shaving cream

Gather your supplies:

shaving foam and paint brushes on a mirror

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This activity is very simple to set up.  You just need a mirror, a paint brush and a can of shaving cream.  We used the “foam” kind of shaving cream as opposed to the “gel”.  As the morning progressed, we also added some food colouring, but that step is optional.

Setting up:

You definitely want to do this on a day that the sky is sunny and blue.  If there are a few fluffy clouds up above that’s even better.

I set our mirror on a table (I use a second-hand coffee-table when we’re crafting outdoors) in the middle of the yard where there wouldn’t be any reflections of trees or houses or anything in the mirror.  I wanted the mirror to simply reflect the blue sky.

Have your child look into the mirror, and ask them what they see.  It takes a second or two for them to process the fact that they’re looking DOWN, and yet they’re seeing the sky and clouds.  There’s a real moment of surprise when realize what they’re looking at.

Now it’s time to invite them to paint their own clouds in the sky’s reflection.

Get painting:

I sprayed a puddle of shaving cream in front of each of the girls.  I learned later that pressing gently on the button would prevent the splattering that you see here (not that anyone really minded).

painting clouds on a mirror

Then the girls got to work swirling and painting their clouds.

Painting clouds on a mirror

It wasn’t long before they abandoned their paint brushes, and were exploring the shaving cream with their hands, finger-painting and sliding and gliding their hands all over the mirror until it  was completely covered.

getting their hands covered in shaving cream while painting on the mirror

A couple of times, I hosed the mirror down and quickly dried it off so they could start again.

poking their fingers into a pile of shaving cream

After they’d been mucking around for quite a while, I asked them if they’d like me to add some food colouring, and of course they said “yes”.  So I brought out some red and blue food colouring, and dotted their shaving cream with it, and they had a great, old time mixing and blending the colours on the mirror.

rubbing their hands through blue and red food colouring in the shaving cream

All said and done, they were probably at this activity for close to an hour.  It’s a wonderful sensory activity.  The scent of the shaving cream is amazing, and not over-powering when you’re playing with it outside, and the foam..  Oh that fluffy, slippery, lovely, luxurious foam!  Who wouldn’t enjoy playing in it?

Covering a mirror with shaving cream and food colouring

Easy clean up:

I keep a large bowl of water and a towel nearby when we’re getting messy in the yard like this.  It makes clean up a snap.  The mirror and the table got a spray from the garden hose and sat in the sun to up in a large bowl of water

Shaving cream is one of our favourite sensory materials.  We’ve enjoyed it many times for both art and play.  You can check some of the ways we’ve used it in the following posts:

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  1. says

    I loved your Sensory Play on a Mirror post and I love this one too! What fun. I love the idea that they are recreating what they see reflected in the mirror with shaving cream. They look like they are having a great time. Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday.

    • happyhooligans says

      If you keep it outside, and have a big bucket of water and a towel handy, there’s really nothing to it. I promise!

  2. says

    This is a great activity! I love the combo of shaving cream and mirrors, two no fail materials for getting kids excited! You’re a clever one Miss Jackie 😉

    • happyhooligans says

      I picked mine up at a second hand shop, Jamie. It’s not quite a full length mirror, and it’s in a frame.

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