Foil Ornaments

foil wrapped ornaments


Foil Ornaments: an easy, inexpensive Christmas craft for kids to make…

These foil ornaments are really easy Christmas decorations for kids to make.  This craft provides lots of fine-motor development, so it’s a great one for toddlers and preschoolers.

Making a bunch of these foil ornaments is an inexpensive way to add some shimmer to your Christmas tree, using simple materials you already have at home.


 Supplies for foil ornaments:

foil wrapped ornaments supplies

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  • aluminum foil
  • permanent markers
  • glue
  • pipe cleaners and/or mini bows
  • glue
  • craft jewels (optional)
  • and you’ll need something to wrap – I cut some styrofoam into blocks, and we used toilet rolls as well, but you can just have a look around and use whatever you have on hand: wooden blocks, small cardboard boxes etc.

How to make your foil ornaments:

Cut a piece of aluminum foil large enough to cover whatever it is you’re wrapping.  Have your little one wrap their “present”, squeezing and scrunching the foil to keep it all in place. foil wrapped ornament - wrapping with foil and pipe cleaner

Now your child can decorate the ornaments with permanent markers and craft jewels.

colouring foil with markers for foil wrapped ornaments

Colouring on aluminum foil:

If you’ve never coloured on aluminum foil with a permanent marker, you’re in for a treat.  The marker glides across the foil so smoothly, and the colour on the foil looks shiny and beautiful.

For the square ornaments, we wrapped each one in a metallic pipe cleaner, twisting the ends together to secure in place.  Those ends became the “tails” for the mini bows that they stuck on.  If you don’t have bows, you can fashion the ends of the pipe cleaner into a bow.peeling the bow for foil wrapped ornaments

The mini bows were a neat touch though, and little fingers love to peel off the paper backing to reveal the sticky tab on the bow.2 foil wrapped toilet roll ornaments foil wrapped ornament - green bowhomemade foil ornaments with mini bows

String a thread under the pipe cleaner for hanging, or in the case of the toilet rolls, simply push the thread through the roll, and tie it off.

toilet roll foil-wrapped  ornament

Super-simple!  Super-cute!

foil ornaments with pipe cleaner bow



  1. Renea Pike says

    Love these! Does the permanent marker rub off when you touch it? For example little hands grabbing at the ornaments on the tree :) I don’t know how sharpies work on foil :)

    • happyhooligans says

      No! That’s the beautiful thing thing with Sharpies and tinfoil! It doesn’t rub off. If you use a child’s washable marker, it probably will though. :)

      • Renea Pike says

        Oh I am excited! I don’t have any cool colored Sharpies so I wanted to make sure before I went out and spent money on them :) I love all your crafts! I just found your blog through Pinterest:)

  2. says

    Jackie, these ornaments are the cutest! I love how simple and do-able they are and yet so festive. Stopping by to wish Merry Christmas in advance. It’s been a long time that we connected. I’ve missed visiting my fav blogs all these days. Going to get back in the groove with the New year :-) I’ll be sharing this.

    • happyhooligans says

      Thank you, Rashmie! Merry Christmas!! I’ve missed you too. Looking forward to re-connecting in the New Year. I hope you have a restful holiday. xx

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