Pasta and Playdough for Fine Motor Development

Just a quick, little post to share this fun and easy toddler activity!  The other day, the two-year olds were strengthening their fine motor skills with pasta, pony beads and play dough.

Because my daycare caters to preschoolers, you’ll find lots of fine motor activities here among the pages of my blog.  There are quite a few play dough ideas here too.  That’s because play dough is one of my favourite activities for fine motor development.

playdough, pasta and beads for fine motor development - happy hooligans

Beads, pasta and playdough for fine motor development:

Playing with play dough  helps strengthen fine motor skills in many ways.  All that rolling, squeezing, pinching and patting is great for little hands and fingers.  Today, we’re doing a threading activity with homemade playdough, spaghetti and pony beads.

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This activity presented quite the challenge for the 2 year olds, but they did well with it.  Some of our spaghetti snapped, but that was ok because the girls learned how to handle things gently to prevent their pasta from breaking.

toddler threading beads onto spaghetti stuck into a ball of playdough

You can take the opportunity to talk about colours with your child as she’s choosing her beads, and she may enjoy counting as she’s threading.

toddler playdough activity with beads and spaghetti

Older children can estimate how many beads will fit on a length of spaghetti, and they can work on  patterning.IMG_9362

Need a good play dough recipe?

If you’re looking for a good recipe for homemade play dough, I use the The Imagination Tree’s no-cook playdough.  It’s seriously awesome.  We can leave it out for hours, and it doesn’t dry up.  It’s super-soft, and it keeps for months.


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