6 Fall Tree Crafts for Preschoolers

6 fall tree crafts for preschoolers and toddlers to make!  A fun collection of easy, inexpensive fall craft ideas for kids!

Ahhhh, fall!  Crisp, sunny days, tart, juicy apples, and vibrant, colourful leaves decorating the trees!  I love crafting with my daycare hooligans in the fall.  There are so many colours and textures and natural elements for little ones to explore.  One of my favourite things to make with the kids at this time of year are fall trees!  We’ve come up with lots of creative tree crafts over the years, using materials that add texture and interest to our projects, and that make the process fun and results beautiful!

6 fall tree crafts for preschoolers to make

Here are 6 easy fall tree crafts to make at home or in your classroom:

Each of these photos and descriptions contain clickable links which will take you to the full post with the details.



handprint apple tree craft with tissue paper and buttons

Textured wallpaper samples, tissue paper and buttons add a sensory element to these adorable handprint apple trees!



fall tree craft made with coloured popcorn

Don’t throw out that left-over popcorn!  Colour it (the kids will love this process), and make these vibrant popcorn trees!



child making a fall tree with twigs and tissue paper

One of my all time favourite Autumn crafts here in my home daycare:  fall tree table toppers made with tissue paper and twigs.



apple tree craft made with sandpaper, corks and aluminum foil

These sandpaper apple trees provided lots of opportunity to explore textures and some fun painting techniques.



Fall tree crafts with tree bark and paint swatches

I loved this paint chip tree craft as much as the kids did!  They made fall collages with their materials, while I made this lovely tree adorned with colourful paint swatch “leaves”.



fall tree crafts made with bark and paint chip cards

Here’s an apple tree made with twigs and paint chips.  Where are the apples, you ask? Click through on the link I’ve provided to see how we made our beautiful, fall-coloured backdrop!


And there you have it!  6 fun and easy tree crafts to make with your child this fall!


Please do take a moment to check out the rest of our easy, inexpensive fall crafts and activities for kids!


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    Very very good ideas : I’m sure teachers will appreciate to get some new crafts to do with their children !!!! I like particularly the one with bark, the teacher can take the opportunity for a chat about trees…fall etc Congrats Mirevan from France

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