Fall Colour Apple Stamping

Fall Colour Apple Stamping – exploring the colours of the season.

Fall colour apple stamping

The gorgeous colours of Fall are right around the corner, and the apple season is upon us, so yesterday we did some fall colour apple stamping.  It was a beautiful way to talk about and explore the colours of fall, and a great way to use up a couple of apple that were past their best in our fruit basket.

I started by cutting some apples both top to bottom, and side to side.  The hooligans love when I cut an apple cross-wise to reveal the star pattern that the seeds make.

apple cut cross-wise reveals star

We talked about the colours of Fall, and I poured 4 puddles of paint (orange, red, yellow and brown) into styrofoam produce trays.

apples and paint for stamping

We took it all outside, and I laid out some brown paper bags that I’d cut open, and some white cardboard.

4 colours of paint for fall colour stamping with apples

We stuck forks down into the apples to make them easy for little hands to manage, and we got stamping.

fork stuck into apple


The hooligans had a great time with it, and I must admit – so did I!

children stamping with forks stuck into apples

I learned that twisting the apples made a really pretty effect.  That wasn’t so easy for the little ones to do, so they more or less just stamped and rubbed their paint over their paper.

child stamping with apples

What do you think?  I’m amazed by how much the circles and swirls look like real apples!

stamping fall colours with apples collage

Now I just have to figure out what we’re going to create on this beautiful Fall coloured backdrop!

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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