Tissue Paper Easter Wreath for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Today, we’re kicking off our Spring Craft Collection with this pretty Tissue Paper Easter Wreath!  Mom, you’re going to love how easy this is, and your little ones will love the colour, the texture and the process!

Tissue paper is such a great material to have on hand when you’re making Easter Crafts with your kids. It’s inexpensive, vibrant and versatile, and it’s perfect for making a fluffy, colourful holiday wreath or a sweet Easter decoration.

Tissue Paper Easter Wreath for toddlers and preschoolers to make .

Why I love crafting with tissue paper:

Kids love crafting with tissue paper, so we use this process for all kinds of holiday crafts.  Fine motor skills are get a work out when kids are working with tissue paper.  It’s so delicate, and the sheets stick together, you really have to concentrate to separate them.  Then there’s the “crumpling”.  Kids LOVE crumpling tissue paper! It sounds great, feels great, and hand muscles are given a work out with all that crunching, crushing and squeezing.

Toddlers working on their Easter wreaths

How to make a tissue paper Easter wreath:

Cut a wreath out of a paper plate or light-wieght cardboard.  A cereal box would work well for this.  I traced a dinner plate for the outer circle, and a kid’s bowl for the inner circle.

5 tissue paper easter wreaths in the grass

Have your little one crumple 3×3 squares of tissue paper, and glue them all over the wreath.

 Easter wreath made with tissue paper hanging on a door.

We stapled a ribbon bow to the bottom and a ribbon loop to the top for hanging.

Easter tissue paper wreaths made by toddlers - Happy hooligans

What do you say?  Will you and your toddler be making an Easter wreath this year?

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