Craft Stick Snowman Ornaments

Who loves a snowman craft?!  Today we’re making Craft Stick Snowman Ornaments!  These snowmen are easy for young children to make too, using basic craft supplies.  And just look at them! Won’t they look adorable on your Christmas tree?

If you’ve been following along with us for a while, you likely know that I like to keep things easy and affordable when it comes to crafting.  We generally use things that can be found around the house, or in nature, or in our recycle bin.

Crafting with kids doesn’t have to be fancy, and you can keep costs down by using common household items. Styrofoam produce trays, yogurt cups, stir sticks, plastic straws, cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, paper bags and tissue paper are all highly prized items here! Keep your eyes open at thrift shops and second-hand stores for ribbons, buttons, yarn, beads, artificial flowers and fabric scraps.  And before you throw something in the recycle bin, ask yourself if you can use it for crafting.

Craft Stick Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

By using free or cheap essentials as the “bones” for your kids’ craft projects,  you’ll can hit the dollar store for a few key craft supplies like googly eyes, foam shapes, pompoms, gems, paints, glue and pipe cleaners, and you’ll be able to craft right along with us.



Supplies for craft stick snowman ornaments:

supplies for craft stick snowmen ornaments

 For your convenience, this post contains Amazon links.

Making your Snowman Ornaments:

Before we got started, the hooligans explored the fabric and ribbons, and played around in the bowls of buttons and googly eyes.  While I cut their chosen fabric into strips for their scarves, they painted their craft sticks.

painting craft sticks for snowman ornaments

There was a bit of a wait while the paint dried, so they messed around in the buttons again, and then they spied the scissors in the craft bucket, and wanted to do some cutting.  I gave them some thin strips of paper, and they worked on their scissor skills for a few minutes while I dried the craft sticks with a hair dryer.

preschooler cutting strips of paper

Before moving on to the next step, I tied the fabric scarves around the craft stick.  A preschooler could likely do this herself, but my 2’s and just-3’s haven’t worked on “tying” yet.

With their scarves on, we were ready to decorate our snowmen.  The hooligans glued on their buttons and googly eyes, and their carrot noses.  In hind-sight the noses look more like duck beaks than carrots.  Cut your orange pieces narrower than I cut mine. :)

adding buttons to snowman ornaments

And for the final touch – the hat!  When I was planning this craft I was a little stumped about what to use for the snowman’s hat.  But it eventually hit me – tissue paper.  The hooligans glue crumpled up tissue paper the tops of their craft sticks.

craft stick snowman ornaments with tissue paper hats

To finish, I used a glue gun to attached a loop of silver yarn to the back of each stick.

And that, my lovelies, is all there is to making our craft stick snowman ornaments!  What do you think?

Craft stick snowman ornament hanging in christmas tree



  1. Melissa W. Houston says

    This is great! I am trying something new in my kindergarten class on the lines of an economics unit/holiday workshop that a colleague introduced me to recently. I have been looking for good ideas for easy crafts and this fits the bill beautifully. Thanks so much!

  2. davve holzer says

    love the hooligans! was looking for a Styrofoam snowman to have my grandkids from Hillsboro make and hang on the tree

  3. Lauren McKay says

    I’m a kindergarten teacher and we always send ornaments to decorate the trees at the museum and they wanted us to do gold snowmen (50th anniv of museum) and I’ve been super stumped! I found lots of ornaments on Pinterest but not kid-friendly and I really love that this is something super easy that they can do and make it all their own and of course SOOOO adorable! And I can still add gold with some sparkly gold ribbon for the scarf! Thank you so much! I was just praying I would find something this week and I found your website within minutes! Your blog is now one of my favorites! Merry Christmas! :)

    • happyhooligans says

      Yay! So glad we saved the day for you, Lauren! I love it when the Universe delivers exactly what’s needed like it did for you when you found us! The good old power of prayer! I’m so glad you’ll be following along with us now! We’ll have lots more to share before the holidays, so you’re in for some fun!

  4. Melissa W. Houston says

    We started our holiday workshop this week and made the most adorable craft stick snowmen. The kids loved it and they did an awesome job! We used black foam for the hats. This is a great craft and I so appreciate your sharing the idea. My colleague had her kids make the snowmen craft sticks as bookmarks – equally cute and fun, and she did the button wreaths as well, with great success. Happy Crafting Holidays!

  5. Jessica Wright says

    We made stick stocking name tags the other day. Wrote names with glue, glittered them and added a jingle bell or two and sparkly things to the ends. I taped them on our stocking holders. Super cute! We also made a Santa, Googlie eyed sticks and some with jingle bells all the way down to shake while we sing the song. I glued those that we didn’t put on the mantle to a green card stock paper and hung it on a window pane to catch our xmas tree lights. My three year old loved it! I’d upload a photo but don’t see that option here.

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