constructing with styrofoam

constructing with styrofoam

Yesterday we were constructing with styrofoam.   It was a completely open-ended activity that ended up being WAY bigger and better than I’d imagined it would be!  Don’t you love it when that happens?

golf tees and crafts sticks for constructing with styrofoam

Recently Jamie from hands on: as we grow wrote about the fun that her boys had with their styrofoam destruction activity, and I immediately went to the garage and rescued a couple of large pieces of styrofoam that I’d added to our growing “dump run” pile.

For this activity, I set out the styrofoam along with some golf tees, craft sticks, chopped up drinking straws, some rocks (hammers) and a few “saws” (a play dough knife, a cake decorating tool and a plastic knife).

constructing - styrofoam, golf tees, craft sticks, rock hammers

Now, maybe it was because I just happened to have two construction-lovin’ boys here today, but this may have been one of our most popular activities yet.

I didn’t give them any instruction other than to tell them how the “tools” could be used to secure the styrofoam blocks together.  They wasted no time getting right to work and straight into full concentration mode:


cutting with a cake decorating tool - building with styrofoam

hammering,rocks for hammering golf tees into styrofoam

cutting,cutting styrofoam with a playdoh knifepoking,building with styrofoam - imaginary play, fine motor control


assembling,assembling craft sticks in styrofoam

and hammering some more.  (that was their favourite part)

They deconstructed and reconstructed
constructing with styrofoam - pretend play

 with determined looks on their faces.

They worked away for over an hour, in a flurry of busy activity, until they felt that their projects were complete, and even then they returned to the table through-out morning and afternoon to tweak a piece here or there and to hammer in another golf tee or to cut another piece of foam.

They were so proud of their finished projects.

The builder of this next piece announced that his was an “ice house”.    styrofoam construction play

What a hit!  Simple materials, no cost and loads of creative fun!

If you’re looking for another activity similar to this one, have a look at last year’s styrofoam structures  The Hooligans had a great time making those too.

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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