Button Snake – a Homemade Toy to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Make a simple button snake to help your child strengthen his buttoning and fine motor skills.

Learning to pass a button through a button hole is no easy task for a toddler!  That’s where a button snake can help!  A simple homemade button snake will help your child learn to “do” buttons, and it’s a really fun fine motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers.  Of all the homemade toys I’ve made for the hooligans, our button snake is one of my favourites!  Let me show you how to make one for your toddler!

Button snake - a toddler toy and fine motor activity by Happy Hooligans

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Supplies needed to make a button snake:

felt, ribbon and button for button snake

How to make a button snake:

Cut a your felt into 2.5 inch squares.  Ensure that your squares are a bit bigger than your button.

For toddlers, I like to use a button that is about the size of a quarter.  For older children you could use a smaller button.

With your scissors, make a slit in the center of the felt square.  This can be done easily by folding your square in half and making a small notch.  Ensure your button will fit through this hole.

With a needle and thread, sew your button onto one end of your ribbon.

Slip one square of felt onto the button snake, and slid it all the way to the end of the ribbon.  Knot it in place so it acts as a stopper.

Just look at the concentration!

Child developing his fine motor skills by threading felt squares onto button snake.

Happy buttoning!

button snake with felt squares on the ribbon

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