30+ Fairy Crafts and Activities for Kids

If you have a child at your house who loves fairies, I think you’ll love these activities!  I’ve rounded up 30+ Fairy crafts and activities from my own blog and from those of some of my favourite fellow-bloggers.  Fairy crafts, fairy recipes, fairy art ideas and fairy sensory bins and party ideas, even a fairy bath!   This is your one-stop-shop for all things “fairies”!

30+ Fairy Crafts and Activities

Fairies!  Oh my!  So magical and enchanting!  So elusive and intriguing!  Were you as smitten with fairies as I was as a child?  As kids, we hunted for pixies in the garden and nearby wooded areas.  I wished at dusk, to catch glimpse of Tinkerbell flitting about my yard. And at night, I’d imagine a team of sprites sprinkling fairy-dust over my bed as I drifted off to sleep.

Garden Fairies come at dawn,

bless the flowers, then they’re gone.

~ Unknown


30+ Fairy Crafts and Activities that Kids will love!

Click on the following links to see the detailed instructions or recipes.


fairy mud

2-ingredient Fairy Mud – an amazing sensory experience with 2 simple ingredients.


fairy soup

Fairy soup is a wonderful way for children to explore in the garden while enjoying water-play and strengthening their fine-motor skills.


fairy garden

Build a fairy garden for your neighbourhood fairies to cozy up in at night. – Tinkerlab


clothes peg fairies and fairy art

Clothes Peg Fairy Doll – Wildflower Ramblings.

Flower Fairies : garden for toddlers – Childhood 101.


winter pinecone fairy

Winter Pinecone Fairies: an adorable winter ornament – Life with Moore Babies


3 fairy wands for kids to make

Beaded magic fairy wand and an edible fruit wand too! – Nurturestore

Twirling Ribbon Sticks – Happy Hooligans

Melted Bead Fairy Wands – The Artful Parent


Music for fairies to dance to

Music for Fairies to Dance to – Kids Play Music.


fairy houses for kids to make

Paper fairy house – Nurturestore.

Milk Carton Fairy Home  – Coffee Cups and Crayons

Tea-Cup Fairy House – The Fairy and the Frog

Fairy Door – Danya Banya

fairy house made of twigs

Build a twig fairy home at the park for others to discover as they play. – Kitchen Counter Chronicles


Fairy Bells, Acorn Toadstools, Nature Fairy House

Fairy Bells to entice fairies to enter your garden.  – Buzzmills

Acorn Toadstools for weary fairies to rest upon – Twig and Toadstool

Natural Fairy House with items found on a nature walk. – My Nearest and Dearest


Fairy Sensory Bins


Fairy Playdough Activity with beads and treasures. – The Imagination Tree

Glittery Garden Fairy Playdough – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Writing in Fairy Dust. – The Imagination Tree

Playdough Fairy Cookies  – The Pleasantest Thing

Fairies and Flowers Sensory Bin – The Imagination Tree


faire tu-tu, fairy taira, fairy wings


No-Sew Fairy Tutu – The Imagination Tree

Paper Bag Fairy Tiara – Happy Hooligans

Cereal Box Fairy Wings – Red Ted Art


fairy bread and fairy sprinkle sticks

Fairy Bread – Smart School House

Sprinkle Sticks – Picklebums


rainbow science fairy party cover

Mama Pea Pod throws a Rainbow Science Fairy Party and shares lots of fun fairy science experiments for kids!

fairy birthday party ideas

The Imagination Tree shares fairy games, treats and activities from her 3-year old’s “Enchanted Garden” Birthday Party.


fairy lights and fairy jar

Egg carton blossom lights – Red Ted Art

Glow-stick fairy jar – A Moment in our World


tissue paper fairy lights

Tissue Paper Fairy Lights – Red Ted Art


fairy lights in a jar

Simple Fairy Light Jars  – Sweet C’s Designs


woodland fairy bath

And at the end of a fun, fairy-filled day what child wouldn’t love to a relaxing soak in this Woodland Fairy Bath?


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    Oh goodness, I can see fairy sparkles all over my laptop after reading this post! Thanks for including our fairy door in this sparkly, tinkly round up. :)

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