20+ FROZEN Activities & Recipes {for Anna and Elsa Fans}

20-plus Frozen activities, recipes, science experiments and printables that Elsa and Anna fans will love!

What do you do when you have 4 Frozen-obsessed little girls in your daycare?  You think up as many frosty, frozen, icy-themed activities as you can to keep them happy, busy and learning. I had a lot fun coming up with our Anna and Elsa inspired activities, and each one was a hit with the kids.  I’ve rounded them all up here for you, along with a few others that I’ve come across in my internet travels. All in all, this collection contains over 20 Frozen activities and recipes for you to enjoy with your little Anna and Elsa fans! Have fun!

20 Frozen Activities and recipes for kids

Happy Hooligans’ Frozen Activities:

* Each title is a click-able link which will take you to the activity instructions or recipe.

  Melting Elsa's Frozen Hands Activity

Melting Elsa’s Frozen Hands – a salt and ice experiment



Frozen Fractals Soup – Ice and Water Play



Frozen Sensory Bin 



Frozen Clean Mud – a “frozen” twist of our traditional clean mud recipe


Frozen Fractals Ice Sculptures

Frozen Fractals Ice Sculptures – building with coloured ice cubes


Other Frozen Activities and Recipes from around the web:

Frozen Recipes:


Blue Rock Candy  – Do It and How



Blue Velvet Cupcakes – Pint Sized Treasures



Frozen Jello Ice Cubes – Bubbly Nature Creations



Frozen Party Punch – Comfy in the Kitchen


Frozen Sensory & Science Activities:



Frozen Play Dough – The Imagination Tree



Frozen Silly Putty – Paging Fun Moms



Frozen Erupting Snow – Paging Fun Moms



Frozen Vinegar Science Activity – Inspiration Laboratories


Creative Frozen Play Ideas:



Frozen Paint – Growing A Jewelled Rose



Frozen Story Stones – Red Ted Art


Frozen Discovery Bottles:



Frozen Chill Bottle – LalyMom



Frozen Olaf Snowstorm Bottle – 30 Minute Crafts


Frozen Printables:



Frozen Printable Activities & Colouring Pages – Mom Endeavours



Frozen Craft Puppets – Red Ted Art

And now, a little something for the boys:

Check out all these awesome Minecraft treats and activities from Spaceships and Laserbeams!

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for including the Frozen printables & coloring pages! We’ve had SO much fun with Frozen activities this year – we even did a Frozen birthday party, complete with DIY Olaf Shirts, Sven & Kristoff Ice Block Races, & various fun foods (all on the blog)!

    • Helen says

      Hi Sarah, what did you do for the ice block races? It sounds like fun although we’ll be indoors for my daughter’s party in a months time x

  2. veronica says

    WOW! I have LOTS of litle ones come visit..thanks for these projects that are fun, eye-catching and pretty easy

  3. wow says

    Maybe find a more kid-friendly picture for the rock candy? That’s definitely a picture of candy made for the breaking bad finale. There’s little drug baggies and everything! The source leads back to the breaking bad sub reddit… that’s hilarious.

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