Wet Sidewalk Chalk Activity for Kids

Add a “dipping cup” to your sidewalk chalk activities and instantly create creamy-smooth, vibrant works of art in the driveway!

Drawing with wet sidewalk chalk is one of my favourite outdoor art techniques for kids. Creating art with wet chalk so much more fun drawing with dry chalk.  It’s a whole different experience!  Dry chalk is, well…. dry,  and umm… chalky.  The feel of it on my hand and that hollow clinking sound it makes kind of give me the heebie jeebies.  Wet chalk however…  Ahhh, wet sidewalk chalk is  creamy and  vibrant.  It goes on so slick and smooth.  I love it!

Wet Sidewalk Chalk Activity

We only ever used to have wet chalk when we left it out in the rain, but now I just go ahead and add water to our chalk activities, either with the garden hose or with individual “dipping cups” like you see here.

For our wet sidewalk chalk activity, you’ll need:

  • sidewalk chalk
  • plastic containers or cups
  • Jug of warm water (for re-fills)

I like to use yogurt pots for our dipping cups.  They fit nicely a little hand, and they hold the perfect amount of water for this activity.

wet sidewalk chalk soaking in water

No need to pre-soak your chalk;  just dip and draw!

Fill your dipping cups with water, and pop a stick of chalk into each cup.  Have the kids participate here because you may hear some fizzing.

The chalk will absorb water quickly.  It will be ready to draw with in a couple of minutes.

When the chalk starts looking dark, you’re ready!

wet sidewalk chalk art on patio stones

Go forth and create!

Isn’t it amazing?  The coverage is amazing and the colours are so vibrant.

finished wet chalk drawing

Of course when it all dries, the colours don’t remain as vibrant, but the thick coverage is still there so your art will really stand out!

So, what do you think?  Will you add some water to your next chalk activity?




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  1. multitestingmommy says

    I love what you use for dipping cups! We accidentally discovered this beautiful trick due to rain as well!

  2. says

    My buddies just discovered this the other day. I don’t always encourage it because they can go through chalk so quickly this way, but it’s really cool to watch them figure this out on their own the first time :)

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