Tin foil Christmas Tree Ornaments

tin foil  and tissue paper Christmas tree ornaments

Tin foil Christmas Tree Ornaments – foil, tissue paper and craft jewels…

Of all of the homemade Christmas ornaments we’ve made in my daycare over the years, I think these Tin foil Christmas Tree Ornaments might just be my favourite.  This is a very easy Christmas craft idea for toddlers and preschoolers, and the results are absolutely beautiful!  The inspiration for these foil and tissue trees came from Dilly-Dali Art’s Christmas Tree Stars.  If you haven’t yet seen them, pop over and check them out.  Then come on back and find out how to make our ornaments!

You’ll love how easy these ornaments are to make.  Most of the supplies can likely be found around your home.

Supplies for Tin foil Christmas Tree Ornaments:

supplies for tin foil tissue tree ornaments

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How to make your Foil and Tissue Tree Ornaments:

We started with some cardboard triangles that I had cut out ahead of time.

child wrapping cardboard with aluminum foil

The Hooligans covered the triangles with tin-foil.  Working with tinfoil is fun for little ones, and it’s easy for them to work with because when they crumple it up, and it sticks to itself.  No need for tape or glue.  children coating tin foil with mod-lodge

Then we coated the trees with modge-podge, and covered the surface with squares of coloured tissue paper.

sticking tissue paper into mod-lodgeThe next step was a bit tricky for children this young: you tap and press the tissue with a brush dipped in modge-podge, to completely cover all the tissue.  I had to help with this process as tissue was sticking to little fingers and lifting off, and the squares were ripping a bit as they brushed them.  Not to worry – a few more pieces of strategically placed tissue squares covered up any damage.  Aren’t they looking pretty already?  And we’re not done yet!  In hind-sight, I would make sure ALL the foil got covered with a piece of tissue.  cardboard triangles covered with tin foil and tissue paper

Before we could proceed to the next step, our trees had to dry, so we, so we headed out to make the most of our FIRST SNOW FALL!!  Yippeeeeee!!  By the time we got out there, the snow was really coming down.  The good, sticky kind!  What a blast!3 year old rolling snow ball3 year olds building snowman

After lunch we finished decorating our tin foil trees!  The Hooligans covered them with sparkly gemstones.  2 year old putting craft jewels on tree ornament

Wowzers!finished tin foil and Christmas tree ornaments

We added tinsel around the edge of one tree, which the two year old loved, but the Threes opted to leave theirs as-is because the tinsel was fairly thick and covered up some of the gems.

Punch a hole in the top and thread it for hanging.

Looking for more easy Christmas crafts for toddlers and preschoolers?  Check out my Hooligans Xmas Crafts Pinboard!  You’ll find loads of beautiful, inexpensive Christmas craft ideas for kids.

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