Simple, 3-Ingredient Concoctions for Kids to Make

Do your kids love mixing concoctions? Oh boy! Do I ever have a whopper of a concoction collection for you! 35 of the best slime, goop, goo and play dough recipes that I could find! Science and sensory exploration never looked, felt or smelled so good!  And best of all? All of these mixtures require 3 ingredients or less!

Visit Kids Activities Blog  to see all of these amazing mixtures and to find out how to make them! Here’s a sneak-peek:

3-ingredient concoctions for kids


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From 101 Kids Activities by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller, printed with permission of Page Street Publishing June 2014.


  1. kitesabbeygran says

    I was disappointed to find that the slime I was hoping to make with my grandaughter didn’t work. I only had white PVA glue and made a trip to Aldi (UK) for their Bio laundry detergent as recommended. I wonder if the formulation of the detergent has changed? We ended up with something which looked like strawberry instant pudding mix before it sets. We enjoyed the pouring and mixing anyway!

    • happyhooligans says

      Which slime was it, Sue? None of the slimes are my recipes – I’ve rounded them up from several fellow bloggers’ blogs. I could look into it if you let me know which of the slime recipes you’re referring to.

  2. amy clapton says

    We made the slime a few days ago with the detergent (make sure it says gel on it?) from Aldi. at first i thought it hadn’t worked but after stretching the slime over and over again it made a brilliant slime – so good that we made lots of different colours. I tried the clear pritt glue from Asda and some white pva i had lying around. The clear glue was best :)

  3. Susan says

    made slime for grandkids using liquid starch, clear glue, water, and glitter glue. It was wonderful the first time the kids played with it. We stored it in plastic snack sized containers with tight lids. The next time they played with it, the slime was way too sticky and they were unable to use it. What could have been the cause?

    • happyhooligans says

      I’m not sure, Susan. I’ve never made slime. I’ve included it in my round up but it’s from another blog. You could click through on the slime link, and ask the blogger who wrote that post. She might be able to help you.

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