Sensory Art with Shaving Cream and Food Colouring

Sensory Art: exploring shaving cream and food colouring with our hands.

We enjoyed another wonderful art technique the other day, creating sensory art with shaving cream and food colouring. You may have seen our Giant Shaving Cream Magna-Doodle a couple of weeks ago when we covered our 6 dollar, thrift-shop table in shaving cream and doodled the morning away.sensory art - with shaving cream and food colouring (happyhooligans)


This time, at the suggestion of two of my lovely facebook followers, we added a couple of things that took the activity to a whole new level:  food colouring and craft sticks.

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Our sensory art “ingredients”:

Added suggestion: bucket of water and a towel

I started by covering our table-top with shaving cream.  Don’t worry about buying expensive shaving cream.  This stuff was not.  It dribbled and dripped out of the container, but hey, we weren’t looking for a close shave here, we were just looking to get messy.

I sprinkled a few drops of food colouring on top of the shaving cream and we were good to go!


Then I passed around some large craft sticks.  Using craft sticks until the food colouring is mixed in is a good idea.  It prevents having to put your hands directly into the food colouring.

shaving cream, food colouring and craft sticks on a table top

The hooligans scraped and doodled and spread the food colouring around in the foam, and it quickly began to look verrrry cool!

sensory art: painting with craft sticks in shaving cream and food colouring



And very inviting!  It wasn’t long before they ditched the craft sticks and got their hands into it.  IMG_1096

And they had a great old time, smooshing and smearing the colours all together. IMG_1109

When the shaving became all one colour, I would simply dribble some more on top, and add a few new drops of food colouring, and they’d start all over again.IMG_1113

We continued adding layer upon layer o food colour and shaving cream until the can was empty.

A bucket full of water and towel made clean up easy, and was handy for those who wanted to rinse while they were painting.easy way to clean up when playing outside

sensory art - gorgeous, open-ended, sensory art experience by happy hooligans

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  1. Chris says

    A couple of things I have discovered with similar activities: we use the shaving cream for sensitive skin, because I have had children say the regular burns their skin (and I checked- it wasn’t the menthol- which WOULD hurt their sensitive skin). Also you can buy liquid water colors (from Discount School Supply- I think) and you don’t have to worry at all about staining your hands or clothes.

  2. says

    We love shaving cream but have never tried adding food coloring. Looks amazing! Thanks for linking up to Magic Moments Monday! Hope to see you back next month!

  3. says

    This turned out to be an awesome activity for us! I seem to love every thing you do with children. Thanks for sharing at Magic Moments Monday! I hope you share there again.

  4. Amy says

    I used to use shaving cream on all my students desks as a fun way to get them playing creatively while cleaning their desks of germs and gunk. Shaving cream is fun in the tub too!

    • happyhooligans says

      Yes! We did it to clean our art table in the basement a couple of weeks ago, Amy! The kids love it, and the table came up so clean!

  5. Krystale says

    For smaller children who put everythingin their mouths, can we use whipping cream or cool whip as an alternative to shaving cream?

  6. Laura Murphy says

    I love activities like this, but I take care of two year olds. When their eyes he itchy the rub it with shaving cream filled hands. Then guess what happens, shaving cream is now in their eye. What kind of activity will I do with them that will not get in eyes?

    • happyhooligans says

      Check out the water activities we’ve done here, Laura. You’ll find a bunch of them if you click the following link. They’ve all been so fun, and there’s no chance they can hurt their eyes with these. :)

  7. Tarnbop says

    I used this activity with my PMLD class- though we used whipped cream as I knew they would try and eat it (which was correct)! They absolutely loved the activity and we took it to the next level by making a print of the art that they produced with their foam! I am waiting for the weekend to be over to see if these dried nicely and if it smells due to the cream!!

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