Painted Halloween Rocks

Painted Halloween Rocks: an easy outdoor halloween decoration

If you have older hooligans, they may really enjoy making turning some garden rocks into some awesome, Homemade Halloween Decorations.   My boys and I made these painted Halloween Rocks years ago.  They were fun and easy to make, and they’ve held up really well considering they’ve lived in my garden for the better part of a decade.

painted halloween rocks

Find some good sized rocks, and scrub ’em and dry ’em so you have a nice clean surface to work on.

With acrylic craft paints, transform your rock into spooky skeleton faces!  That’s all there is to it!rocky horror - halloween rocks

We didn’t even bother to seal or varnish rocks.   You certainly could, but these have been out in my garden for about 10 years now, and I took that top photo of them today.  They’ve held up very well despite sitting in my garden in all weather – rain, sleet, snow and sun all year round.   Once Hallowe’en is over, I just turn them around, and they look like regular garden rocks until October rolls around again. :)

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