Polly Pocket Ice Skating Party

Polly Pocket skating party

A basin of frozen water is perfect for a Polly Pocket Ice Skating Party!

Temperatures are falling here, and we awoke today to find a layer of ice over the pond and our bird-bath frozen solid! Score!!  I carefully lifted ice out of the bird-bath and moved it to the deck so the Hooligans could examine it.  As I watched them sliding their fingers over the ice, it occurred to me that this would be the perfect surface on which to hold a  Polly Pocket Ice Skating Party!Polly pocket skating party

I dashed inside to grab our bucket of Polly Pockets.polly pocket skating party

And before we knew it, there was a big old Polly Pocket Skating Party in full swing on our back deck!Polly Pocket ice skating party

It started with just a few Pollys gliding around the ice, but the “rink” was soon loaded up with all the furniture and Polly’s pets.  Polly Pocket ice skating partyPolly Pocket ice skating partyPolly Pocket ice skating party

Look at them all gathered around that little bit of ice!  They played like that for almost 2 hours.Polly Pocket ice skating party

Polly Pocket ice skating partyBy the time we stopped for lunch, the girls had run off to play in the yard, and our little guy excitedly shouted at me to come and see what he had done.Polly Pocket ice skating party

With the ice to himself, he’d created a masterpiece!



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