Paper Plate Bird Craft for Kids

This Paper Plate Bird Craft is so cute and easy.  It’s a great spring or Easter craft for kids to make!

Spring is in the air, and so my toddlers and preschoolers have been creating lots of Spring crafts to hurry it along!  Today I’m sharing a super-cute paper plate bird craft you see the Paper Plate Robins we made last year?  Well these are more colourful, eclectic version of those little birds.

Paper Plate Bird Craft - Happy Hooligans

Truth be told, we didn’t actually use paper plates for these birds because I didn’t have enough plates to go around.   I simply cut our circles (I traced a child’s plate) out of white cardboard.  A cereal box would to the trick too.

"rocking bird craft" made from paper plates

I have to say that I’m just in love with today’s vibrant version of the craft.  What a fun burst of colour as we await Spring!

For our paper plate bird craft, you’ll need:

supplies for paper plate bird craft

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We started by folding our paper plates in half.  

I set out a pallet of acrylic paints in assorted colours, and the hooligans painted their birds however they wished.  A quick blast with the hair dryer had them moving onto the next step in no time.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  If you have a spare hair dryer, move it into your craft room for speeding up the drying process when you’re crafting with your little ones.

painting our paper plate birds

Next, we glued on the feathers, eyes and the beak.

For the tail, I grabbed several strips of the construction paper and I folded them in half, kind of fanning the strips out a bit, and we stapled those to the tail end of the birds.

Fold your bird back in half, and you’re done!

2 paper plate birds

If your bird won’t stay folded, simply tape a piece of yarn or string to the inside, holding both halves of the plate together, while leaving about an inch and a half gap between them.

Now when you place your bird on a hard surface, you can “rock” it.

4 paper plate birds

How cute and how easy was that?


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