Paper Bag Tiara – an Enchanting Spring Craft for Little Girls

Got a little girl who loves to craft and adores fairy crafts?  She’ll love making this sweet and simple paper bag tiara.

I got the idea for a paper bag tiara after making our paper bag nests the other day.  The hooligans were clowning around, wearing their nests as hats, and that got me thinking that a paper bag would actually make a very good hat or head-piece. I did some brainstorming, and came up with several paper bag headwear ideas, and the first one we tested out was the paper bag tiara.  It turned out beautifully, don’t you think?

The hooligans will be using their tiaras for dress-up and pretend play here in my daycare, but I think you could totally use a paper bag tiara as an inexpensive accessory for a fairy/princess halloween costume.

Making these tiaras was especially fun for the hooligans because they got to use our low heat glue guns.   They love the glue guns, (more about that below) and they’re a must for this project because white glue wouldn’t be strong enough to really hold the flowers to the paper bag.

paper bag tiara


This was one of those crafts that you have a vision for, but you’re not entirely sure what it will really look like until it’s done.  Actually, that’s the way it is with most of the stuff we do here, so when the hooligans finished their tiaras today, we were so excited. They were gorgeous!

paper bag fairy tiara

Let’s get started…

To make your Paper Bag Tiara, you’ll need:

supplies for paper bag tiara

  • paper grocery bag
  • artificial flowers (pick these up at a second hand shop – they’re dirt cheap there!)
  • low heat glue gun
  • Raffia

I always pick up artificial flowers when I’m second-hand shopping.  The thrift stores that I visit always have loads of them whenever I’m there, and they’re always super-cheap!

How to make the tiara:

For starters, cut off the bottom of the paper bag.

Next, rolled the edge of the paper bag outward. By rolling it outward, any branding that was on the outside of the bag will end up being concealed.  Gently continue rolling the paper bag, taking care not to rip it as you work.  When you get to the end of the bag, you can use your glue gun to tack down any loose edges.

Lookin’ good already, isn’t it?

Now, hand everything over to your little side-kick.

low heat glue gun used by child making paper bag tiara

Kids and Glue Guns:

Ok, let’s talk about those glue guns for a minute.

Low temperature glue guns are ideal when you’re crafting with preschoolers. You just don’t get the same “stick factor” with white glue.  Heavier craft materials like these artificial flowers require hot glue to hold them.  The 3’s and 4’s have been using our glue guns for a couple of years now, and they love them.  Have a look at the cardboard structures they made the first time they tried them out.

Have your child glue her flowers all the way around the tiara, and then wind a few lengths of green raffia around the flowers.

paper bag tiara - happy hooligans

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  1. says

    Your ‘sidekick’ did a great job transforming the tiara into a beautiful accessory. This would be a fun birthday party idea. Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. Pinned it!

    • happyhooligans says

      Your post is absolutely gorgeous, Carissa! Thank you so much for featuring our paper bag tiara. Just popped over to follow you on Pinterest. You have some beautiful boards!

  2. says

    Love, love, LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing Jackie! I’ve got 2, 2 year old princesses in my day home and I think they’re going to love making these!

  3. madhumitha.parthiban says

    it was so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u now i have a gift for my sis b’day……….so excited too……………….

  4. Raynell Caples says

    In the words of my 3 year old granddaughter … I love you, You’re my beeest friend!
    I have 7 granddaughters and get to see 4 on a regular basis (I’m so blessed), we are always crafting and I was so excited to find your blogg. Is there a way for us to post pictures of our activities? Thank you so much Jackie, you are Nana’s new best friend!
    Nana Ray

    • happyhooligans says

      Thank you, Raynell! My blog looks a little out of sorts right now, as I’m having it re-designed. They layout looks a little wacky at the moment, but I’m so glad you’ve found us, and that you’re enjoying what you see! You can share any photos you have on my Happy Hooligans facebook page. Here’s the link:

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