Paper Bag Nests – how to make a bird nest with a paper grocery bag

Paper Bag Nests:  An easy Easter craft for kids, or perfect for a bird unit at daycare, school or home. 

Have you seen all the cute and easy Easter Crafts we’ve been making?  Today, I’m going to show you how to make a bird nest to go along with our Easter Chicks and Easter Peeps.  This is a really easy paper bag craft that’s great for any bird project your kids might be working on.

how to make a bird nest out of a paper bag

How to make a Paper Bag Nest with 2 simple supplies: 

Grab a pair of scissors and a paper bag, and let’s get started!

Begin by trimming off the top of your paper bag.  This will remove some of the bulk, making the bag easier to work with.    You’ll want to leave at least leaving 3 or 4 inches of the bottom part of the bag to work with.

cut your paper bag down to make a bird's nest

Now, taking care so you don’t rip the bag, fold or roll the top edge of the bag outward.

folding down the paper bag

Continue to loosely roll the bag until you get to the bottom.

Give it a squeeze here and there to shape your nest.

3 paper bag nests

Wasn’t that an easy?

And if you think this is a great way to make a bird nest, you should see some of the paper bag hats we’ve made!

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