Scrape-Painted Valentines for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Make

Toddlers and Preschoolers are going to love this Valentines Craft!  Scrape-painted Valentines are so fun to make with a few shades of red and pink paint and an old, expired credit card!

We’re having so much fun with all of the Valentines crafts we’re making here in my home daycare.  Our craft room is a sea of red and pink tissue paper, pipe cleaners, fabric and paint right now, and of course there are hearts everywhere!

Today, we’re using one of our favourite art techniques for kids. It’s a fun process that kids of all ages will enjoy.  The colour mixing is so cool.  Scraping the different shades and colours together produces some really beautiful results.

Scrape-painted Valentines for toddlers to make

If you’ve never tried painting with a credit card before, you really must give it a go!

valentine's painting with credit cards

I love how easy this art process is to set up and to do.  You need just a few basic supplies.

To make our scrape-painted Valentines, you’ll need:

  • An expired credit card or gift card (you can also use a sturdy piece of cardboard with a straight edge)
  • 3 or 4 colours of paint
  • a “canvas” (we used white cardboard).

painting with credit cards supplies

Scrape Painting – how it’s done:

Drizzle the paint over your canvas.  This is a great way for your child to learn how to control the flow of paint.  Talk to him or her about squeezing the tube of paint gently and moving his or her arms in a circular or back and forth motion over the canvas as they’re squeezing. painting with credit cards - happy hooligans

Now, hand the credit cards over to the kids.  Ha!  You won’t hear me say that often!

Have your child gently and slowly scrape and blend the paint colours altogether.  I find this part of the process fascinating, and I love to hear the children’s reactions to what they’re seeing and creating.

painting with credit cards process

Young children have a tendency to go overboard with the smearing, but that’s ok.  They’re still learning plenty, and you can always add a few more drops of paint here and there to get those streaks of colour again. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? img_7286 credit card painting techniques colour blending The rest of our heart craft is fairly self-explanatory.  Once the paint had dried, I cut a large heart out of  each of the pieces of cardboard. credit card painting - valentines' hearts Then the Hooligans glued crumpled squares of tissue paper all around the edge of the heart. And there you have it: a simple, unique and gorgeous paint technique for the kiddos, and a sweet Valentine’s craft too! I loved the whole scrape-painting process so much, I went ahead and made a few more works of art to hang on the walls of our new playroom. :) painting with credit cards
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    • happyhooligans says

      They were so much fun that I sat down and did some credit card painting of my own when the kids went home!

    • happyhooligans says

      Crystal, you can do it with a thin, sturdy piece of cardboard. I had someone say that they did that. I’m thinking cereal box weight would work!


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