Spider Handprint Craft – and a Cool Way to Paint a Spider’s Web

This spider handprint craft combines two of my favourite painting techniques for kids.  Hand prints and painting with golf balls!  My hooligans loved it, and I’ll bet yours will too!

You can make these handprint spiders as a Halloween craft or if you’re working on a preschool spider unit, or just for fun any old day at home.

Spider handprint craft for halloween for toddlers

We actually made a slightly different version of these a couple of years ago, but this painting process is great for spider webs, so we’ve done it again.

If you haven’t painted with golf balls yet, you have to try it!  Your kids will love it.  Handprints are always a lot of fun too, and if you’re concerned about the mess factor, take it outside like we did, or at the very least, have a big bowl of soapy water and a towel nearby so your children can clean their hands quickly and easily after making their prints.

Gather your supplies:


supplies for painting spider webs and handprint spiders

  • construction paper or card stock
  • white paint for webs
  • coloured or black paint for spiders
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • paintbrush
  • a couple of golf balls (marbles or bouncy balls work well too)
  • cardboard box (one with a lid is good, but not necessary)

Painting your web with golf balls:

Place your paper into the cardboard box and drizzle it with white paint.

white paint drizzled on blue paper


drizzling paint onto paper

Drop in the golf balls and put the lid on the box and shake the heck out of it.  If you’re not using a lid, remind your hooligans not to go TOO crazy with this part of the project or you’ll wind up with painty golf balls bouncing out and onto the floor.

shaking a box with golf balls and paint in it

Every now and again, pop the lid off the box to see how your “web” is coming along, and have your kids continue to shake away until you get they’re happy with how it looks.

We placed our webs in the sun for a while until they were dry, and then we moved on to the next part.

The handprint spiders:

When the webs were dry, the hooligans picked out the colour of paint they wanted for their spiders, and I painted the palm and 4 fingers of one hand.  Do not paint the thumb.  Then they pressed their hand down onto their paper to make one half of the spider.  I brushed more paint onto their hand, and helped them overlap their palm onto the palm-print they’d already made, and they pressed to make the other half of the spider.

Yellow hand print spider on black and white painted web

After a quick wash in the bowl of soapy water, they decorated their spiders with the googly eyes.

applying glue with a paintbrush to the handprint spiders


adding eyes to the handprint spiders

Lots of goggly eyes. :)

pressing eyes onto pink handprint spider

What do you think?

3 hand print spiders and webs painted with golf balls

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    • happyhooligans says

      So glad you liked them, Katie. The white drizzled stuff is paint though, not glue, although… you’ve got me thinking now. Glitter glue might be very cool to use!

      • says

        Haha! I swear I read: “and drizzle it with white glue…” It’s funny, I’ve been thinking of some different ways to use glue so now I’m seeing glue everywhere. Thanks for being kind, Jackie!

  1. Kelly says

    Ooh! I have done the web method before, but have been looking out for a way for toddlers to make spiders without too much input from me – these are perfect! Definitely doing this with my minders, thanks!

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