Painting Rainbows – a cool painting technique

Painting rainbows doesn’t get any easier than this.  You could paint your rainbows on paper plates or coffee filters, but we used white cardboard for these ones. 

An easy way to make a rainbow:

I traced circles on the cardboard and set out the paints that we would need to make our rainbows.

Start with a purple blob in the center of your circle, and then paint larger circles outward until you end with red, at the outer edge of your circle.

I was working with 2’s and 3’s, so understandably, their colours got mixed up and a little muddy,

so I’ll include some pics of the ones that I made myself, so you get an idea of how they’ll look if you make them with an older child.

Because little ones like to slap and smear the paint around, the whole circle painting thing was a real challenge for them, so I placed my finger on their cardboard and suggested they follow my finger around the circle with their paintbrush.  That worked quite well.

When the paint has dried, simply cut your circle in half.  Voila!  Rainbows!!

We added some cotton ball clouds and threaded ribbon through all the rainbows and turned them into colourful garlands. :)

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