Painted Ghost Craft

This painted ghost craft is a sweet and easy Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers!

The hooligans in my home daycare are just loving all of the Halloween crafts that we’ve been making lately!  We’ve been testing out lots of fun and easy art techniques, making halloween ghosts, monsters and pumpkins!  I had my two youngest hooligans here today so we kept things sweet and simple with this cute, little ghost craft.

painted ghost craft for toddlers and preschoolers

The girls loved this activity because it combined two favourites: paint and stamping, and I loved it because it was easy enough for them to do with very little help, and they turned out super-cute!

sponge painted ghosts

Supplies for your painted ghost craft:

corks, sponges and paint for stamping ghosts

  • black and white paint
  • sponges
  • corks
  • cardboard (we used long narrow strips, but the inside of a cereal box would be perfect)
  • styrofoam meat tray (always sterilize in the dishwasher first)
  • jar lids
  • raffia & hole punch

Stamping your ghosts:

Trim the top two corners of your sponge to round the top of your sponge a little.

Pour some white paint into the styrofoam tray and let your little ones dip their sponges and stamp onto the cardboard.

Painting with a sponge dipped in white paint

The sponges soaked up quite a bit of paint so I had to frequently add more white paint to the tray.  I showed the girls how to press down hard enough on their sponges to flatten them right out, using two hands if one didn’t make a dark enough print.

stamping ghosts with sponges and paint

We didn’t bother to let our painted ghosts dry before moving on to the next step; I poured a little black paint into the jar lids and they dipped their corks into it and stamped eyes all over their ghosts.  You won’t need as much black paint as you see in the photo; I ended up scooping some out because I could see it was going to be far more than they needed.

stamping ghost eyes with corks

When they were finished, I punched two holes in the top of each piece of cardboard and tied some raffia through the holes so they can hang their ghosts on a door knob when they get home.

Purple and orange raffia for hanging ghost craft

Aren’t they sweet?  And how easy was that?!

stamped halloween ghosts with sponges and corks


ghost door-hanger craft

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