Drawing Activity for Preschoolers – Magazine Makeover

I hadn’t thought of this drawing activity in years, but it was one of my favourites when I was a kid.  My friends and I spent hours, sprawled out on the rec. room floor with a stack of magazines and a box of crayons, performing something we called magazine make-overs.

We were quite a bit older than the hooligans are.   We were just starting to take an interest in make-up and fashion, and we would practically pounce on any magazine that anyone cast aside, pouring over it, and pulling out any cover-girl photos that we’d come across.  magazine make-over - cover photo

We would then transform the models with our crayons, adding eye-shadow, lipstick and blush, and adding jewellery and embellishments to the models’ clothing.

magazine make-over with markers and cover-girl pics

When I presented this activity to the hooligans today, I set out Sharpies instead of crayons, and instead of adding “make-up”, I encouraged them to add things like moustaches, freckles and eye-glasses, and suggested that they transform their models into pirates or animals or super-heroes.IMG_4467

IMG_4466Whether they took my advice or not didn’t matter.  I just wanted to throw some ideas out there to spark their imaginations.IMG_4490

And I think it worked.  They really loved this activity.  They spent about 45 minutes carefully and methodically decorating their pages.


I love how each child has his or her own distinct style.

One added very bold, geometric designs to her pictures, and I think they’re really interesting,magazine makeover - happy hooligans

while the other took a more laid-back, loose, artistic approach.magazine makeover - happy hooligans

This is a really simple activity way for your child to have fun while expressing himself artistically.  And it can be done almost anywhere with very little prep!

Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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