Make a Leaf Maze or Leaf Labyrinth in Your Yard

Looking for a fun way for your kids to play in the leaves?  Rake up a Leaf Maze

This is one of our favourite Fall traditions around here.  A leaf maze is so much for the hooligans to play in, and I really enjoy making one.  It’s not often that you get the chance to be excited about raking up a yard full of leaves, but this really does make the task fun.

A-maze-ing Fall Fun

leaf maze, kids walking

Obviously I don’t need to provide you with any instructions here.  The photos pretty much tell all.  kids running through leaf maze

Isn’t this fun?

Kids will develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as they encounter road-blocks and dead-ends.  Staying between the lines helps them develop spacial sense, and they’ll learn to look and think ahead, and plan their steps as they navigate the maze from start to finish.  how to make a leaf maze

Don’t worry about it if your child accidentally walks through a “wall”.  That’s a part of the learning process as well, and as they get older, that will happen less.  Just keep the rake handy for quick repairs if it happens.  What’s most important thing here is that you and your child are enjoying some exercise in the fresh, Fall air.A-maze-ing Fall Fun - happy hooligansDon’t think the maze has to be made up of straight lines and corners; here’s a shot of the Fall labyrinth I made for the hooligans a few years ago.

leaf labyrinth

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  1. says

    awe…thank you! … I’m a person that want’s to be always very well prepared for EVERYTHING. Even though I know you can never be completely prepared for the life with a new baby/child/family member, but It just makes me feel somewhat on the safer side and eases my fears a little bit. Why wait until you hit the time where you don’t know what to do or how to do. I think it’s a better idea of collecting all the information you can get NOW, while you got the time..rather than when you truly need it or it’s too late or something. :)

  2. says

    We shared this lovely idea on our FB page yesterday. If you enter #creativityonthelabyrinth in search on FB you will find it! Thanks so much. (Carleton Place Community Labyrinth keeper – Chris)

  3. says

    Wow, this is super impressive!! Did you make the maze with the kiddos out there, or did you have it set up beforehand? I love this and will definitely be trying these out!! Well the spiral one at least. I ‘m not sure that I’m talented enough to try the other one, haha.

    • happyhooligans says

      I raked it while the children were playing in the yard, Katie. It actually comes together quite quickly, and the other maze isn’t as tricky as it looks. :) Go for it!

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