Indoor Hopscotch – a Rainy Day Activity for Toddlers

An easy indoor hopscotch – an indoor, rainy day gross motor activity! 

When the weather is great, and kids are playing outside, those important gross motor activities just kind of naturally happen through though regular play and exercise.   What about winter time though?  Or rainy days?  It’s not so easy for kids to expend their energy and use their muscles in a big way when they’re indoors.  I love making homemade toys for the hooligans, so this easy indoor hopscotch was fun to put together for those days when the weather has us cooped up inside.

easy indoor cardboard hopscotch cover photo

Gather up some cardboard that’s headed for the recycle box, and I’ll show you how it’s done.

cardboard hopscotch, boy jumping

Making an indoor hopscotch from your recyclables:

Save up your jumbo cereal boxes and frozen pizza boxes, until you’re happy with the size of the indoor hopscotch that they’ll make.

I used the inside panels of some pizza boxes for several of my squares, and the rest I cut from a large sheet of white cardboard that I had on hand.  My hopscotch squares are approximately 12″ x 12″.

indoor cardboard hopscotch supplies

I cut 9 squares and one large semi-circle to sit at the top of the hopscotch.IMG_3920

Then I drew on my numbers and painted them with acrylic craft paints.  I went freehand, but I’m sure there are plenty of number templates online that you can use if you’d rather trace your numbers.

Arrange your squares on the floor and get hopping!  Having your child arrange the hopscotch is a great way to work on counting skills and number recognition.

We used our hopscotch on carpet downstairs, and on the mat that you see here on the main floor, and the squares didn’t slide around too much.  If you’re going to try this on a wood floor, make sure you test first to see how slippery this might be.  I would advise running a few lines of puffy paint along the back of the squares if you’re concerned about the cardboard sliding.  I know several moms who use this method to “slip-proof” their children’s socks.


Don’t forget the bean-bag counters!  I got the pattern for these sweet pyramid bean bags over at The Artful Parent.easy indoor hopscotch & beanbag

And that, my friends, is all there is to making an indoor hopscotch game!  What a great way to get the kids moving when the weather’s too nasty for them to be outside!

Happy Hopping!

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