Homemade Cards from Wallpaper Samples and Fabric Scraps

Make your own homemade cards from paper and fabric scraps and a few gems and jewels from the craft room!

You’ll never have to buy a greeting card again if you make your own with simple supplies you have around the house.  A homemade greeting card is so nice to give and to receive.  You can make your own cards to suit almost any occasion and they cost a lot less than a greeting card bought in a store.

homemade cardsIn the evenings leading up to Christmas, I was busy making sets of homemade cards to add to the gifts that I had for friends and family.  

Homemade cards are fun to make, and rather addictive once you get started.  I picked up blank cards at Michael’s Crafts when they were on sale a few weeks ago.  Packages of 25 cards with envelopes were going for 2.99 so I picked up several packages.  

For the gift sets, I’d planned on making an assortment of about 10 different cards for each package but the  process took a little longer than I’d expected, and being so close to Christmas, I just didn’t have time to make that many.  I ended up giving everyone a package of six: 2 birthday cards, 2 “congratulations” type of cards, and 2 cards with hearts on them, that could be used for anything really (the arrival of a baby, “thinking of you”, Valentines etc.). I’d love to start earlier next year, and make a bigger variety.

My wallpaper Christmas cards were much faster to whip up.  I got my inspiration here, and cut my trees from co-ordinating wallpaper samples, and decorated them with small crafting jewels.

Cute eh?  With enough time, you could make up a stash of homemade cards for all occasions, and never have to give another store-bought card again!


  1. says

    LOVE THESE CARDS!! also super jeal of your long break from your hooligans! I could totally use a break from my babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! :) Happy vacation to you!!!

  2. Brenda says

    Look at you gettin’ of crafty making cards and using scraps.. might have to share my name…”scrapstar” they are very cute.

    • happyhooligans says

      Thanks, Joyce! They’re so much fun to make! Very addictive. Kind of like scrap=booking on a much smaller scale. :)


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