Homemade Bird Feeders with Cheerios and Blueberries

Homemade Bird Feeders with  Cheerios and Blueberries – a fine motor activity for kids.

Every winter here in my daycare we make homemade bird feeders using materials that we have around the house.  In the past we’ve made Cheerio bird feeders, orange cup bird feeders, feeders with grains and fruit, and a milk jug bird feeder.  Making a homemade bird feeder with your kids is a fun way to teach your children the importance of helping our your local birds when their food sources become scarce in Winter.

Homemade bird feeders with cheerios and blueberries

Today, we’re making our homemade bird feeders with Cheerios and blueberries and pipe cleaners.  This is a great fine motor activity, and a good way to use up some fruit that’s past its prime.

What you’ll need to make our pipe cleaner feeders:

bowl of Cheerios and blueberries for pipe cleaner bird feeders

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Making our bird feeder with Cheerios and blueberries:

I bent one end of each of the pipe cleaners so the fruit and cheerios wouldn’t slide off when the hooligans were threading them.  The children then threaded their berries and cereal onto their pipe cleaners.

Gathered around a bowl, making bird feeders with cheerios and blueberries

 The older children enjoyed some patterning while they were threading, while the younger ones were frequently caught snacking on their supplies.

Threading cheerios and blueberries onto pipe cleaners

When the kids had their pipe cleaners loaded up, I twisted the ends together and bent their feeders into circles and hearts.

Heart shaped cheerio - blueberry bird feeders with pipe cleaners

I tied a long length of raffia to each feeder and tied a bow.

Then we took them out into the yard and hung them from the trees.

homemade bird feeders with cheerios and blueberries hanging from tree

Bon Appetite, birdies!

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